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i'll hold the door please come in and just sit here for a while this is my way of telling you i need you in my life its so cold without your touch i've been dreaming way too much can we just turn this into reality cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you storms try will come but i know that the sun will come again he's my friend and he says that we belong together and i'll sing a song to break the ice just a smile from you would suffice its not me being nice but this is real tonight cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

pretty please

i notice our relationship wasn't feel the same like before. yes i was wrong. what i did was totally out of expectation. now, you treat me like a real bad guy here. yes, you change me. i like that. thank you by the way. but it doesn't mean you get to do whatever you like. acting like you don't care but i know you do. im sorry alright. what do you want from me? hey please don't do the same to me.

i don't feel like talking to her about this now. well i did. but i guess she don't trust me like before. shouldn't posted this online, but i still need someone  to talk. hm

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Excuse me :D

I would like to take this chance to share a video of me and my love. Just a simple slideshow with song. A song by Bryan Adams, Everything I do.


Everything I do by Bryan Adams


Hello, welcome to my class of English grammar. I am one of the student in Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. English is a very important in our daily life. For instant, we use it in the classroom, "Teacher, may I go to the toilet?" we don't simply say "Teacher, toilet" that is inappropriate to use as if it means that you are reffering the toilet to a teacher.

Next, greetings. There are lots of right way to greet people. "Hello, how are you?" Instead of using "hey, you okay?" we should practice a polite way to greet. "Good morning teacher" "I'm fine , thank you" "You are welcome" ect.

The only problem is we seldom use English when communicating with friends.

thank you.

Oh My Grammar!

Correction : "KEEP CALM"

Correction : "SCHOOL"

to be continue..

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh My Grammar, Rocks!

Today, 25 October 2012, i have fun in my class. Learned new words, things, stuffs.. This class does refresh what I've studied before. Don't be surprise, because when it comes to English lesson, that is where I talk a lot. Its my time to learn and show myself.

Thanks to ms Ishabella Hashim!

p/s : Sorry for not able to attend your first class last week. I managed to came but at 10am. So, I'm sorry.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Seriously missing you! silly

"it would be a lie if i say i don't love her"

i would say that :/

Night shift

Hi, good midnight to dear readers. can i call you tonight and not making every night our last night? because i can't stand to not texting you. ee, but if i know something annoying about you it hurt me even painful. Its like you're holding a knife while talking to me. it only hurts when she start talking about that "guy". anything else i still can accept. continue... what am i talking about? ee, bha bha

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What a mess

After reading my last post. WOW! ( ↓ ) i got a serious case of making people blurr reading.. i don't know how to write or talk to make people understand.. thats why i always lose in debating. hmm buruk ouh.. tidak pandai cakap bahasa melayu bha, bla bla bla... tidak apa la :DDDD

My brain says stop but my heart say the other way

Like whats been happening recently i regret plus i got no intention to hurt anyone. Because everytime i see your picture i cried. wishing you would do the same :/ keep talking to myslef "saya rindu charlene".. but why? maybe i don't notice what i've done.. didn't we used to say, "lets tell each other everything"← something like that.. bukan kau sja nanggis bha, sya cuba juga faham situasi kau, sama juga macam kau, kalau sya bnyk fikir then kepala sya boleh sakit.. thats why i cool down a lot. I asked myself, "why me?" sebab i'm sure and believed that i'm better than "him" or any other la.. just saying.. hish! enough talking about that la kn, i know we both hate to talk about that.. anyway, even if i don't want to text you, my heart still want to text.. when you asked me to call you last night, i ignore for few minutes, but then i realized i can't really sleep without hearing your voice. there's still a lot we planned but never got the chance to finish. remember? hmm okayy, thats from me, anything, i just wanted you back. the real us. the annoying person who always annoys you. but whatever it is, i support you, and thanks.

p/s : i tried my best to understand you, if you notice i even tried to make your decision for you. and now i'm ashamed of whats been going on between us. regards.

Now you're just somebody that i use to know

What's wrong with me? What do i miss? I will be missing the part where i made you part of me, i share everything from my side and you share yours. But now whats left if only hate and some love. I HATE THIS FEELING! Why do i always suffer this kind of situation? just like the others, they left me to get to their ex.. pity me huh..

i just hope that my heart can still handle my situation.. when i was lying on my bed last night i thought a lot till i cried. yeah! i cried, why the world must be cruel towards me? then i decided to text her back, letting her got to her ex is a very difficult thing to do. In fact letting go is my worst thing to do.

Still got a lot to share but i just can't, i gotta sleep now. after woke up early to wash the car, i took this time of opportunity to share. anything, just text me. BYE!


Don't want it ending

And so there it ended. A relationship that never came true.. i thought that both of us can make it through to the next step that is a real relationship. but i guess i put my hopes too high but never thought of anything like this.. Well, nobody know what am i talking about? anyway, read my last post then you know.. it hurts even more when i say some names here. ee teruk oh!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Film Strip

film strip.

i miss her so much!

Webcam Moment :D

Showing off my talent :D

this is call the mouth pulling trick. Lol. and btw, we both wore the same singlet :D

Saturday, August 11, 2012



I remembered that i gave my 15 Ts to charlene before i left KK. Lets hope that she'll take care of it like the way shes taking care of herself :)

-i miss charlene-

Perhaps i need you

m a r v y n j a s o n

Friday, August 10, 2012

calin ._.

i miss you

I don't think he deserves you
I'm gonna come right out and say it
Even though I hardly know you at all
Thats what makes this so hard
'Cause I remember he hurt you
Told you he didn't have the time
To see you or even answer your calls
After breaking your heart

I know we barely even started
But I fully believe you could have been the one for me
And I miss what we might have had
Baby I miss what we could have done
I wrote a sad song about it and I'm still pretty bitter
but i'm happy if your happy, he won
I still miss you in the night
And I want you to know
If he leaves you cold in the city aching for a lover
Honey, you can always come home.

Ohh, do you ever stop to think
That he did it to you once
So he's probably gonna do it again
Oh do you defend
That he's an angel of virtue
He made a mistake and it cost him what he loved
But he knows what he's done
He's sorry for it now

Oh, he's never gonna leave you again
Well maybe your right, but i still believe
That you could have be the one for me
And i miss what we might have had
Honey, i miss what we could have done
I wrote a sad song about it and I'm still pretty bitter
But im happy if your happy, he won
I still miss you in the night
And i want you to know
If he leaves you cold in the city
Aching for a lover

Honey you can always come home
If he leaves you cold in the city
And you're begging for a lover
Honey you can always come home

Thursday, August 9, 2012

But then again - -'

Another sweet and painful text came

"You should get a better better better girl"

and i was like.. what?? (Who's fuck right now)

Another Insta?

Instagram Kunun presents

Via instagram kunun

Cyril in action

Just sharing

Sinyum dulu bha

Kalau dulu saya kemaskini dengan menggunakan bahasa English tapi sekarang saya mahu mengemaskini dengan bahasa melayu dicampurkan dengan bahasa sabah yang terkenal. Bha, seperti yang saya bilang, saya  mau cerita pasal apa yang telah berlaku dikebelakangan ini..

Sebelum ini saya ada cerita tentang cerita saya bersama Charlene betul tidak? ya, itu adalah sebahagian daripadanya juga. Tentang kami ini, banyak juga perkara yang hampir menghalang perhubungan kami, tetapi dengan adanya sikap sabar dan yakin, setia serta sayang.. saya bersedia untuk meletakkan harapan saya kepada Charlene.

Seterusnya, saya ingin menceritakan mengenai pekerjaan saya sebagai receptionist d sebuah hotel di Tawau ini. Bulan ini adalah bulan terakhir saya bekerja selama 1 tahun 5 bulan dan 25 hari. Tujuan saya berhenti bukanlah atas sebab kerja, tetapi adalah sebab ingin meluaskan bakat dan juga pengalaman saya. Setelah menghantar notis berhenti selama 1 bulan, maka tarikh akhir saya adalah 31 Ogos 2012. Saya harap apa saja yang telah berlaku tolong dimaafkan. 

Selain itu, ingin dimaklumkan juga bahawa saya mungkin akan berpindah ke Kota Kinabalu pada bulan hadapan setelah selesai tugas saya d Promenade Hotel Tawau. Untuk bekerja atau belajar saya tidak pasti lagi, kerana ibubapa saya suruh saya belajar akan tetapi saya ingin menyambung untuk bekerja. tp tidak tau juga la kn.

apa pun saya akan terus berdoa untuk semua ini. sekian.

Red Roses by AJ Rafael

There you areWith your light brown hairApologize cuz all that I did was stareAnd no im not a creeper I swear that im a keeperIm just glad you noticed that I was there

I got your name but I didn't get your numberSo now im filled with all this regret and wonderWould you wanna see meAnd would you wanna kiss meIm getting way ahead of myselfBut I cant get you off of my mindNo I cant

I wish I woulda asked you outI wish I didn't have these doubts about myselfFor those 3 minutes that you stood in front of meI wish I hadn't walked awayI wish I had the guts to sayWould you be myI wish I woulda asked you to be my valentine

So I had one more chanceto gather my thoughts and just spit it outbut now I've missed the momentso now I'd never know ifyou'd say yes to the question I ask

so now Im herewithout you im crushed cuz I got these rosesthese red roses and god knows thatI'd have given them to you But I cant get you off my mind

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Made in Kota Kinabalu

Hi, good day mate' LOL.. bha apa lagi, semangat la ne mau update pasal apa yang happening time saya d KK ne kn.. actually kn, i couldn't get into my blog account before, but then today i just get to open it back.Thank God :D

So, it begin. On the 27th July marc and I went to Kota Kinabalu or we like to call KK. We travel by car on the road. We supposed to depart from home at 5am but instead we left home at about 5.30am.. half an hour late, and then we stop by at the gas station to pump up VIVA. after that, we passed the hotel in about 6am. Our journey has begun. 6am on the clock : you do the math.

And oh, by the way, i haven't told about the reason of marc and i went to KK. Marc got his interview going on at somewhere only he knows where. and i on the other hand wanted to look for a job in KK, besides that, i wanted to meet Charlene, yeah, Charlene Roses. I wanted to make it a surprise, a very shocking surprise, huu..

Alright, where was i.. oh, so on our way to our destination, we talk lots of nonsense and sense things together, just to get ourselves out of sleepiness and tiredness. Well, skip skip skip skip skip the boring part and then i got bored and took out my camera i borrowed from my dad, snap few pictures

And here we are, Kundasang.. so we stop by here for a while to buy a stalk of rose for charlene, hee, pick the one i first saw. the red one. lucky rose i think. its like Charlene roses.. I wanted to stay longer at kundasang but we gotta go, so continued our journey.. oh we also stop by at Kinabalu Park, just to get some shots.. I took most of his picture, but i didn't get any, and then i rember the time when i was with cyril robert.. He and i took lots of pictures of jumping, modelling kunun ne, hahahaha.. those pictures i meant can be obtain on my last update blog.. thank you, hee :D anyway.. 

So the first place we been is at charlene's house. You know, to pick her up and bring her out, just to hang out.. okayy the story is like this, its so funny actually, so we now reach at IP, where my charlene stayed. So she doesn't know that i am in KK already.. so i called her and told her that i am in KK already, but she kept on saying "bh yeah la" isk, so marc dropped me down somewhere in giant area, so i walked there and here, up and down, to look for her house number, i even text her and ask her her house number, just to pretend.. at last i found her house, so i shouted out loud "CHARLENE!" and then fiona heard my scream and then opened the door for me, but then the first question i asked is not "where is charlene?" but instead i asked "Fiona pinjam tandas boleh?" LOL, so she brought me to the first floor toilet..

After i went out of the toilet, i knocked on charlene's room, but i'm too shy to talk.. because there's lot of other girls in that house, so i knocked knocked and knocked, finally, i called her and say "Charlene saya d luar ne , buka pintu" and then i can hear she screaming inside LOL, so cute, and then she believed its me, so she opened the door and let me in.. covering her face with something, lol, and then i hug her saying that i missed her so much.. ;D felt like wanna cry but i couldn't.

After that i took Marc into the house also, in the meantime charlene got ready bathed and ready to go. and oh, i met easter juga, hee :DD "Hi easter :D" saya bilang..

then kami dalam kereta la ne, on our way to pick joey up..

Charlene & I

The time we stared at something in our fingers, hm good times, good times..

So we both went to Centre Point or we liked to call CP! took this picture of charlene..

and then kunun charlene accompany me go look for job around KK hotels, Hyatt, Le' Meredien, Tang Dynasty.. err, much more that even i couldn't remember, hee, along the way, we snap some shots woo, ne naa alaa, kami naik bas sja bha dari sana sini, bukan macam kamu karita.. :P ne la ne.. kami jalan a thousand steps with her.. hee sya curi word tu dri charlene, ada tu dia post d twitter dia :D hee.. then at night kami ada dinner nasi ayam.. hee

To be continue...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The night i can't sleep

well i slept at 3am this morning. not only last night, every night.. i even read some star newspaper - - the weird thing is i tried to sleep and close my eyes, looked at my phone, thinking of something, but nothing ever worked.. i'm sad. hope that this will end as soon as possible. NEED SLEEP!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Should not even started.

See marvyn. you've got your slap back is it? You should have not started it on the first place.. What will you do now?

Everything must go...

What a surprise i had, but nevermind, i'm used to it. and it was like the usual for me.. once i let one go, and the other one lets me go.. you know something like carma.. or is it something else..??

-a mystery that never solve-

23 July 2012

"saya ada boyfriend"

-a text from someone-

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I was just wondering if i am missing my past or just wanting back my past. Really need and answer for this. not long ago, i was in love with someone, and this certain someone came, and another came, but i just don't know whether to choose or just to _____.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Kotobian tadau tagozo do kaamatan! Cyril and i got our leave on kaamatan which i forgot the date, but nevermind, haha! so, we took the bus to inanam.. it took us about 12 hours to reach our destination, woww, super bored and such a pain in the ass, lol.. okayy.. then skip skip skip..

we arrived at this inanam town.. and you know what? we both don't have any plan on where to sleep, where to eat, and even what to do, what we knew is only having fun, hahahaha.. so there we were, taking another bus to KK terminal.. called my sister and asked her to meet us at somewhere i forgot.. 

waiting and waiting, walking and walking.. finally met my lovely sister.. look thin then before i guess, hee.. love you sis :D the three of us when to KK to her place to keep our stuffs there.. and then continue our journey around KK, woww, so was excited that i got the chance to walk with my best friend cyril again :D totally awesome.. hang around the CP that is Centre Point.. cuci mata here and there everywhere elsewhere..

then we headed back to IP, where my sister stay.. stay overnight there and get our rest.. i somehow forgot the steps oh... hahaha, sorry if i got messed up in telling this story, but i'll try my best to tell the truth, hahahaha.. 

the next morning...

woke up in the morning feeling like P DD, hahaha.. okayy we woke up and went to CP again to have our breakfast.. sasau bha.. hee .. sya belnja semua sasau, hahahaha, oh yeah linda got her new phone, am so envy of her, ish, didn't even buy me one.

 and then met our friends fro tawau also, heeeeeeeeeeee so we exchanged our phone number to get in touch easily.. woww, cool, then we continued walking.. till friend of our brought us to KDCA that afternoon.. its good to have friends in KK kn, hee.. Thank God for that, shes been great to us from the first day we met, taking care of us, drove us here and there.. just to follow our desire, hee.. anyway, we went to Yaho Hotel which is somewhere aroung penampang.. not that far from KDCA..

so there we are arrived at this place, woww, so excited! 

skip to the night we went to Funfair next to 1Borneo.. so awesome! that is the night i first met Charlene Roses Nickozeus.. the girl i've been calling after reine.. yeah, someone else cares for me better than any other.. is was funny at first because looking for her is like a hard challenge for me, plus at night - -'.. i know right! I searching and finally got this group of girls awkwardly staring at me, so i wondered is this charlene? hahaha, and CORRECT! thats her.. shake her hand, because i am not brave enough to hug her in front of her friends.. anyway.. they went home early then i expected it would be.. but nevermind, we had our time there.. cyril and i rode the sudden impact..woww, i was trying to get tough on the ride but i couldn't stand the thrilled running though my nerve.. later that night, zuer send us back to my sister's crib. our night just end like that. the next morning we all went to KK and continue our excitement on the road.. this time with michelle( cyril's) :P :P :P

whats funny is that we fought cutely during the day, lol.. sorry to say la brother cyril :D

so we all went to KDCA again that day.. and some pictures explain the rest.. too tired to type..

a walk with charlene.. i guess cyril took this fro the back, well it looks kinda cute, but on the other hand it looks like im bullying charlene right?? Oh yeah, i got to meet up with Jov, easter and her BF Hariri, Benji.. and others.. it was great finally got to meet them in person rather than talking on the phone.. hee thank you cyril for snapping pictures like this, as a memory that lies within our head.. merepek! what am i talking about?!

this is Lanata's dad, very sporting guy and a very talented singer just like her daughter.. hee, got a crush on her, but, nevermind, i'll get to that story when i have time, if i have one :P :P :P

some shots of us making our life nonsense and more alive i think.. look at charlene, so cute bha kn, hee me?? like buruk ne,, and cyril and his partner stays cheers like always.. Look at that fan on my hand that i was holding.. that was charlene's.. she said that i lost her's.. but finally sound back at her place.. eee charlene ne kn.. hhahaha... Continue...

Then time goes on.. having fun and so on.. that night we went to Pantai Point, Bistro whatsoever! I guess theres only "us" in it, so boring.. but i had my kiss with the DJ that night... A very talented girl indeed.. as a DJ.. woww.. Her name is Bibi and i got her number, lol! anyway mind my naughtiness list..

that night cyril and i rented a "HOTEL" at Api Api Centre.. very cool, cause everything happened that night.. continue.. that morning, we woke up, booked us a bus home to tawau.. got us RM50 only.. then we walk again for our last time at KK.. spent time at SS as in Suria Sabah.. cool..

This is where cyril brought me to a walk. woww, a walk... cool bha bro :D now i'm resting my legs at Gaya Street.. noticed that my glasses i'm wearing are cool.. HAHAHA. yeah i just bought them in SS.. thats what i've been searching my whole life.. that kind.. i know it wasn't original, but, i love it just the way it is.. so be it :P :P :P

so thats it, went home early morning.. and worked! bye!


hi there! finally i got my time again doing what i'm good at. Actually i got a lot of time before, be didn't get the mood to post something in my blog. so here it goes. I noticed that my last post is about the MCD ↓.. hee.. it was on April. Lots of things been going on this past days.. i mean new experiences, loves, lives, friends, everything happened.

I noticed that this blog got a few changes made, "okayy" i said.. pretty cool, but still need to learn more.. anyway, Reine... the one i had a crush on.. came back from PLKN.. Khidmat Negara so called.. Well i'm glad she came, and got to spent more time with her, but sadly, still the same feeling since my last crush, so today i just blow all my feelings away and turn my love to her into something more interesting.. i asked her to be my lil sister.. that way i can still love her, but in a different way. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

mcd are opening in tawau!

morning @ promenade hotel tawau

morning. a single word that can make you smile all day long. but the moment only last for a while, whats past are past.. whats left is only memory. i myself couldn't believe what happened that time. if i got the chance to talk, i'll apologize for everything, lame isn't! ish!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

there you are

its been a long time since we met, so we finally met up yesterday. frankly i miss you like for real. i miss how your laugh like that, the cute one. aww, thank you for not ignoring me. love you ♥

p/s : God bless her and her family,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

a thousand years

Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I love when I'm afraid
To fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt
Suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer

I have died everyday
waiting for you
Darlin' don't be afraid
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll love you for a
Thousand more

Time stands still
Beauty I know she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything
Take away
What's standing in front of me
Every breath,
Every hour has come to this

One step closer

I have died everyday

Waiting for you
Darlin' don't be afraid
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll love you for a
Thousand more

And all along I believed
I would find you
Time has brought
Your heart to me
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll love you for a
Thousand more

One step closer
One step closer

I have died everyday
Waiting for you
Darlin' don't be afraid,
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll love you for a
Thousand more

And all along I believed
I would find you
Time has brought
Your heart to me
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll love you for a
Thousand more

this is some of the cartoon i made at the back office on the 02 february 2012, hee. but what i am not satisfy if the background on the image, i could think of any background that is suitable for the cartoon. anyway, i was thinking of someone before drawing them. then it came to my thought of drawing my figure carrying her. but made some changes in it, well, you know, just like me me fantasy world, hee. very childish thing to think right, but who cares, i'm doing it anyway. hee, first i start off with the leg. the female's leg, then down to her toes and up to her body.. i took a while doing this part..

then i place the male's finger the the girl's body and also her leg. carefully not to ruin the other part of the body. haha, i feel the fun of doing it besides love ^^.. after the hand of the girl is done, i move on to the head, woww! this is the hardest one, i could think of how the face would look like if i do this and do that, hee, so i leaved them empty for a while, next, i go the the boy's leg with his shoe. the body with superman's logo.. soory but some of the details doesn't look that nice because the marker pen are making nonsence!! its okay i find my way eventually.. now a closer look at the couple. hee.. see the boy's face? i like it, its like my own figure. hahahaha, perasan!

if you notice this picture, you'll see that this picture looks similar like the one i have recently had with reine. hee, hee, so happy and shock at the same time bha.. then i look back at the picture again, woow! it surely look alike. the hand, the laugh, the feeling, huu, so great when i thought of it again, hoho.

13 days and counting

for this year's coming valentine i know i'm gonna be single. but still waiting for my true love to come, and also my longest and biggest crush ever, reine. whatever it is, i'm going to do something for her, that is- #1 make her a CD that contain a song of me singing my favorite cover songs. maybe some of her fav song too, hee. i did asked from cyril's help because he did make one before, so i'm asking for his help if he knows how to make me one.

for now, i am trying to think of how to download those software and where can i get one, huu. or #2 i just ask help from the bridal studio on how to produce a CD for this coming valentine. #3 record a video of me saying whats on my mind to her. and sing some songs for her, that way she can see how i sing right in front of her, hee

what i'm doing for her is just my way of saying i love her that much, even if shes not mine, but i want to let her know that i love her as much as the sands at the beach, the stars in the sky, the water in the ocean, the air that i breathe.. much more that words could describe.

its the fun in doing it with love that matters here,
hope you would like it, 
and maybe someday you'd be mine c:

with love marvyn jason


otdoi! hee, yesterday bha ne, but count as today, its the first of wednesday and i went out with cyril to eryka's house and hang out there till 9pm.. then went for another dinner at kedai minum taman amber park, hee, makan "sup tarajun" the kadazan dusun punya slang.. bha, after that cyril and i kena hantar to hotel, i work at 11pm kn, so we reach the hotel at 10.45pm, hee, just in time for my work, at work, fauzi my staff friend from the hotel made me some of my overnight work, woww, so i don't have to do so much work tonight, hee, so happy, thanks to him..

then at after my work has done at around 1pm, i was thinking of drawing another cartoon at the back office whiteboard, haha. like the one i did update the past few days.. now im drawing superman, my idea is from the one i had with my crush. i carried her and took some pictures like the one on my previous post. hee.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


i heart you.

i drew this at the back office at my work place, hee, so cute right. first i start with the girl's hair and it came with the body followed by the guy with flower and the rest of the scene. i admire the guy with flower presenting a rose for the girl in white on the bridge of somewhere awesome!

i called this picture "a picture with thousand story" i am willing to kneel in front of my girl and do anything for her. just for her i'd protect her. accompany her at her worst and be there like superman does. dance with her and the world.


"a single word that describe i am strong."

hear this

if you need me, i'll be there.

its been a while

how are you? how you been doing? i'm sorry for not contacting you this past few days, i am giving the time for you to miss me (if you want to) hmm.... do you think so? sometimes my heart feels like wanna text or to call you but i can't, i must control myself, lagipun you're someone else's right. not mine to take care of, but i still care you know, i love you so big that i leave you with yours..

p/s : i'm still waiting :/

what i remembered

last christmas i brought you to dance, and it was cool, i lend me my hand and you received openly. i felt happy that i finally did it, my heart opened to asked you to dance that day, hee :D i felt good, yes. ui, we got our picture taken right? woww, theres one of them looks like we're kissing. so shock with that, lol! its when we both whispered between our ear. hee, when the end of our dance, you asked me to do the twirl, and we did it, turned you around and catch you back. hee, i'm happy!

-herlyne taylor-

Sunday, January 29, 2012

what we had

one of the seminar

found this on someone's album, i guess he tagged me in. hate the way i look back then, hahaha. so ugly. but its okay, this is before i'm deeply in love with her. God, turn back time? the time shes single, alone, and got nothing, let me be her superman. huuuuuu. i don't want just a moment, but forever is better. ee merepek sja, bha off!

what an idiot

frankly i say, you are an idiot if you leave your boyfriend for another guy. YOU SHOULDN'T BE IN A RELATIONSHIP IN THE FIRST PLACE! now you're just playing with boys, any girl would be lucky to have you, but you're the one who is not giving a chance to yourself to try and love a person and stick to it! i am so upset to see other couple  broke up and went to another girl just because she saw a new comers, a brand new guy. damn it!

please la dear girls, try to choose wisely and stand for your choice. make sure that what you're choose are your final decision. at least try ;)

what i hate is when a girl likes me and dump their bf just because of liking someone new. thats not the way to treat guys. we too have feeling and further more emotional than you know. think of it okay!

night shift

i guess i'm happy with my night shift, starting from the last two days till now and will be continuing till the end of january. like i've said before, i rather do night shift than morning and afternoon. why?? because i got a lot of better things to do at night, sleeepppp, haha! the best part of all is the chance to online all night. eat ice cream and lots of food. woww, super!

then i did saw cyril's blog, woww, and i was like, cool, awesomer than me, heeeeeee :D wanna ask him on how did he make his player, cool one.