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i'll hold the door please come in and just sit here for a while this is my way of telling you i need you in my life its so cold without your touch i've been dreaming way too much can we just turn this into reality cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you storms try will come but i know that the sun will come again he's my friend and he says that we belong together and i'll sing a song to break the ice just a smile from you would suffice its not me being nice but this is real tonight cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you

Sunday, July 31, 2011

the way you make me feel

abc is easy as 123


so sad bha, really feel sad 

dear you,

A relationship doesn’t need any promises, terms or conditions. It’s just need two wonderful people, “one who can trust” and 
“one who can understand ..

creepy stalker - -


tell me whos number is that . she said that she got my number from the school magazine . but i don't know who is she . shes freaking me out . she ask me weird questions lol

positive thinking !

saya buruk
saya buruk
saya buruk
saya buruk
Saya cute lol !

my heart

yes, i'm not alone
but i'm lonely

what do you think ?

hi, what do you think of me ?

from, me

the truth,

when you say ''i promise" well i trust you . when i say  "i will", i do mean it . but when you don't believe me,  i can't stop you .

dear you,

A relationship doesn’t need any promises, terms or conditions. It’s just need two wonderful people, “one who can trust” and “one who can understand ..

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear farah

hi farah, if you did read my blog then thank you . i miss you, lol . can we even say that when we never even see each other, hee . sorry bha :D err, the reason i post this is because i wanna say that our plan on this saturday will be happening hee !! im looking forward to meet you up . so be ready for my craziness, my shyness, and my sottness, hahahaha . bha for now thats all, sorry for not texting you or call you . as you know, i have insuficient credit balance, within next month then i will reload, gaji bha :P hee bha bha :D

P/S : take care , farah ferra ahmad :*

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i post

my current profile picture, hee

private picture LOL

i didn't post this picture in facebook because i find it kinda uGLEE, lol . buruk bha but i post it though in blog where not much people can view them :D

keep on changing - -

either this fashion hair style or the'edward cullen' hair syle - - i change my hair style followed by my mood, hee . so don't judge me !! :p

new hair style ?

wanna know whats my hair style right now ? 

well, like Edward Cullen hair style ofcose :D im not sure why but its looks kinda suit for me, i like it, in fact i love it . hee . suddenly bha that, i got irritated when my hair keep on touching my eyes, but then i got an idea to comb my hair backward, hee like the above picture shown !!

lol, im not following anybody HEE , it was just a coincidence 

Bukit Gelas

this was taken on our day trip to Bukit Gelas . i love to see this picture o, thank you lala :D tp siok la jalan sma kawan Front Office ! hey ! im waiting for our next MABUL ISLAND trip hohohohho ! need to save a lot of money to go there , hee

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

one more

webcam moment

ne naa

im touch im touch

i posted this on the 18 july when i heard bad news about my grandmother, i was crying really bad bha, all tears came out, but i keep on holding it inside . huu . so very sad moment, oh i wish that i could be there for you grandma, 

talking about my grandmother reminds me of my mother, my first mother . Evelyn John Miller . i miss you mom, eventhough i have been with you for only 1 year, but its meaningful for me . thank you for taking care of me . i love you :D

Sunday, July 24, 2011

dear you,

you change my mood, the longest word when im replying is 'okay' . then accusing me :/ 

the truth, plus it hurts plak

Friday, July 22, 2011


one thing i hate is .. hiding ..

hey, open your eyes, cry out your tears, shout out aloud .. don't get your feelings get you .. let it go as quickly as possible, because it won't hurt later on .. believe me, it works :D

for me, its a trials in life .. life must go on bha , hee 

hm :p


i dislike this one, 

buruk ne, 


me myself

this was taken on 22 july when i was pretty boring at home, hahaha, didn't have my dinner yet then i took this pic, hoho  . . . don't laugh at creativity, i've tried to take a good angle on this, but FAILED - -'

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

photography alone lol

i really like this picture taken by myself in my sister's room, lol . by the way, don't tell her, hahaahhahaa . 

i like my bowtie :3

Thursday, July 14, 2011

err, from you to me .. hypocrite c:


who am i to love ?

who am i to hate ?

who am i to make you happy ?

who am i to be jealous ?

who is perfect ?

who deserve me ?

who are you to fool me ?

who are you to judge me ?

who the hell i am ?

who am i to make decision ?

who ?

who ?

who ?


today i feel like hypocrite, 

hey wait, 

everyday i feel like hypocrite ! ty :/

me my work


do i look like a girl ? or wearing make up ?

this is taken the day before i cut my hair, huu, so sad bha, so sayang tu my hair got cut, if not i can woe girls, hoho, budu ne, - -

Friday, July 8, 2011

love ?

got any idea of what is love for you ?
yeah, me too

love has no problem with you
only you have problem with love

love hurts right ?
i know so let it be

speaking about love
hey i love you :D

i keep on singin'

Please forgive me I know not what I do
Please forgive me I can't stop lovin' you
Don't deny me :c


superman by Ronan Keating

m a r v y n j a s o n

this is me this is real,
im exactly where im suppose to be now 


pinky swear

i love you
you love me
we are happy family
with a great big hug
and a kiss from me to you
won;t you say you love me too

marvyn jason


don't play play aa

ui, you don't play play aa !


im in a silent cone

the truth

you want to hear the truth ? well, i am still single, yeah really sucks right ? but you know what, i never have the feeling in playing and fooling anyone . when i said that i love you, thats the truth, but when i said i just like you, hey, im not ready to love you . 

who am i referring to actually ?

you ?

yeah ..

maybe ..

hm ..

ee, saya mau :c

morning blogger :D

hi, do you know i wanted to be a counselor when i grow up ? huu yeah i wanna be one .  but im scared bha, you see now im already a counselor to my friends, hee . i love helping people, listen to their needs, their expressions, hee . i like bha, if i got the chance to help i'll help, but when i don't, so very sorry, my words is enough right ? huu .

speaking of helping, yesterday i took the bus home, inside, theres a man hurt his leg, so i help him went down the bus, but i don't sent him right through the clinic, huu, i really felt so bad not helping this guy, sorry so much if i didn't huu ..

Thursday, July 7, 2011


hi again - -

got nothing to say

then keep on calling

just stay on the phone

think of something funny

then stop for a while


still blur

last, ily :*

but still blur

i try

good morning, i just wanna wish all of you bloggers a happy morning . think of this as a reminder to smile whatever things happens . because i believe that everything happens for a reason, find a reason for it, make it true, believe in yourself . be you ! hee, morning madness kn sya, tu la sya p cari background biru, then p edit tu words, hee , i even draw a smile c: pretty cute right, hee 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Darrelene :/

the headline explains everything, 

im not using anyone , im not playing anyone , im not in a relationship , im not anyone else's , im single and yet not taken , im still waiting , but you looks busy bha . morning you got kuliah, afternoon i can't call because i have to sleep, im in the night shift remember . but at last night , i did called you, but sleep already . huu i hope you read la, no point also if i just post it but you don't read, so sorry la ya . when i view your wall, im straight away got a big slap . in a relationship again ? im not sure whether you accept him back because of jealousy or other reason, but i hope you can forgive me . haiya, terus tidak dapat tidur sya ne, sleepy sleepy sleepy .....................


what just happened people ? after got back home i took my breakfast, then online as usual . i got shocked to see this person, this specific person, this girl suddenly change O.o' im still in shock bha . then i started to read this person, this specific person, this girl's blog, now im starting to get the point, talking about me is it ? i think its my change of relationship, then i called to ask her . she did answered yeah but did say it directly, but its kinda obvious . hey, but i didn't get the chance to explain . but if its not about me, sya maluu :/

nothing happened . nothing really happened between farrahferra and i in this real life . i swear, i never intend to lie toward you . what just happened is that we're just making a joke, just to make her other admire stay away . so im just the victim on your accused . maybe its hurtful to see that relationship status, but im sorry, never will i do it again, promise . im actually scared of what just happened, plus im dissapointed because you didn't even ask me . 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the way you make me feel

#1 -  i
    #2 - love
   #3 - you

im single yeah

hey i've been single so quite some time, huu . so, what im trying to say here is that i miss being in love . yeah, buruk kn, hee . im like a little boy asking for lolypop, haha . ee, maluu bha mau post ne, dui, but i suddenly, siou aa c:

you know what ?

im still lovin' this c:

sorry ,

P/S : im too lazy to post

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

my day :D

today the 3rd of July -

i didn't wake up by myself this morning, i didn't set an alarm on my phone, my phone suddenly rings at 7.15am . that really wake me up when they ask me where i am . i wonder why they ask, so i told them that im in the night shift bha, HAHA . oh what a shock im in when they said that i suppose to be in the morning shift !! i woke up and wash my face take my bath, brush my teeth, BUT I DIDN'T TAKE MY BREAKFAST, what ??? yerr, i felt so hungry bha, then i took the taxi to church, hey . don't you guys feel weird that i went to church insteed of going to work, ?? lol, im actually wanted to meet darrelene ann my cousin from my mummy side . then as i reach church, i keep on calling darl to ask her where have she been, hee, risau only me this kn :D

heeeee, my stomach begging me to buy him some food, then i went to the church canteen to get a couple of sausages, hee . just for you stomach . haha . then i still waiting for darrelene to come but no show, huu, so i decided to go to work,

its 8.30am now and im already in the front desk . i ask for an apology from my AM(assistant manager) hee . then i continue my work, checking out guest, preparing the arrival for today, but nasib only 16 arrival for today kn, hee . after i do all the arrivals, i ask my boss of i can go out to see darrelene for only half on hour but .. just wait till what happened ..

i went out at 10.30am in the morning . then called darl, looking for her ofcose, thats the reason why i went out just to go and see her, haha . rupanya she when to tamu (takada) for breakfast or lunch ? i don't know la, so i went to online a little while ast kuhara.com there, then go comment Adzuan's status on facebook, haha . he must be shock to see me im not kidding that i'll be there at his gerai at tamu, neehh sya bha ne, at the same time, i saw darl eating with his friends . sya p intip dia dari luar, LOL macam stalker ne, yerr, hahahaha ! the funny thing is i don't know which one was her, so i called her, i keep on calling her to know which one answers her phone that will be the ONE , aww, so sweet like love story plak kn, lol . oh ya, the time now is 11am . yeah half and hour had past right ??

after that, i ran back to shopping complex to fake my present there, LOL, tidak jadi ne, hahaha .

im starting to worried about my rest, im suppose to get my half and hour rest outside only, but .. huu, gara gara mau jumpa ne orang sja kn, sanggup, heee . moving on ...

as i was ''cucuk'' the maybank to cash out some cash, i saw c darl dari jauh baru masuk compplex, then i turn away from her, lol, mau tapuk kunun, hahaha, but mana boleh tapuk sama cousin, hahaha tp as i walk by her i greet her bha .but just shake hand lagi tu, lol, buruknya, but but but, i did managed to get my dream of huggung her :D lol, cousin bha tu, mesti la happy jumpa :DD

next i accompany her to servay to look for her slack pants and her track pants, hee . balik balik ne dia tukar, try try pants yang mana ngam, hahaha . last last jumpa yang saiz .... err saiz are secret, tidak boleh kasih tau d public, hahahaha . and when paying i pay 80sen, lol, tu pn mau kasih tau bha, taik - - haha .

err, then kami p shopping apa lagi tu ya ?? err, tiada la lagi, tu sja , ada pn p minum soya sja ne, hahah . sya belanja, nehh, (ee buruk ne perangai main kasih tau) HAHAHA . okay btw, in every way that i've been, i saw  him and her both together dating . then you know what did darrelene did when i said thats her, and thats him . she hold my hand ! im really touch that my cousin would do that to make them see, hee . thank you ya :DD hee .

P/S : c darl bha suruh sya update ne, hahaha

oh yeah bha plak , i forgot to tell, we did went to the quang ming book store to get some manila card and some marker pens, hee, she paid all of her things, hee . i don't have enough money to pay, lol, soya sja sya belanja, hahahahahahahaha . sorry darrelene , hee

i better finish my storry, err, when i got back to work i got misconduct XD

err, at night plak sya wb sama farahferra33 . lucu ne, tp siok, heeeeeee

bha, until here la dulu dya update aa, banyak lagi bha, but daddy ask to sleep, hee . yesssss !!!!!!!!!! sya anak daddy c:

Saturday, July 2, 2011


all that i can think of right now is merepek . anyway, i bought a new pair of pants, yeyy ! lol, but im scared daddy marah sya belanja sja, huu . but sorry i can't help myself ya daddy, sorry ya :3

Friday, July 1, 2011

July :3

Dear July, 

                thank you sooooooooooooooooo muccccccchhhhh :3

can i hold your hand ?

today when i walk with you i keep on thinking on holding your hand . why couldn't i resist the attraction ! my thought is that i miss to be in love again :3 sweet kn, lol puji puji sya sna aa, jaga kau hahaha sott :p apa bha ne, ee buruk ne post sot sot nothing to say . hey , hold my hand .


the elaboration of July:-

#1 - i feel love when ever someone cares for me, today i felt them when working :D Kak N aka my supervisor has been very good to me, i like it the way she cares and joke around with me, i know when ever shes mad, there must be something wrong, so don't be afraid to talk to her, ask whats wrong, okay ? next i feel love when meeting you at promenade just now, could it be a coincidence ? i don't know whether you are the one on not . so i have to wait till the moment comes, i need you to prove that you can be the one . the one that i wanted, be a good girl okay ?

#2 - i feel calm today at work, i don't really feel stress and rush . all gone slow and steady follow the flow, hee . thank you God for that, ily . i sure hope that July is the calm month for me, not much , move on ...

#3 - you came into my life ? are you the one ? i felt love, but not much of a spark there, i need more hints ! of all of my July Hearts, all includes L O V E . i am trying to get my love for this July (if possible) but nobody want me bha kn, huu, even my last ex gf also left me for another guy, her ex even ! lol . hey don't read seriously la, haha . anyway, back to my side of the story, err, how bout if i try ? i try to take you as my special one can i ? but be good to me please ? be a good girl for me, i wish to change a girl to a better way, :3

#4 - sometime i felt this miss kinda thing in my mind, i miss every single thing that reminds me of you . my past,  my present, and my future too, lol , merepek ! i miss c darrelene la, haha, i called her just now and she said she forgive me, lol . i felt awkward bha just now, so she hung up, then i blurr, yerr, buruk kn, bha its okay my cousin ! you take care ya ! OTHER THAN THAT ! i miss lucyle cecil the back stabber, haha, kunun la, tidak bha, tp kalau kau tidak suka sya lagi okay ba, haha . im fine de, napa bha sya cakap pasla kau ne, ee, geram :p next next next storry please, 

#5 - its so sad when others don't notice you right, yeah i look like i got all the attention, but i just don't feel it, uh ! no elaboration on this sad corner ty, i hope not to be sad in this month and the next ty :D

fate ?

her ?