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i'll hold the door please come in and just sit here for a while this is my way of telling you i need you in my life its so cold without your touch i've been dreaming way too much can we just turn this into reality cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you storms try will come but i know that the sun will come again he's my friend and he says that we belong together and i'll sing a song to break the ice just a smile from you would suffice its not me being nice but this is real tonight cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you

Friday, September 30, 2011

remember this?

m y t i m e w i t h y o u

i miss my time with you.. the carrying.. this lying together kunun.. the time .. err, i want you post this here so that whenever you read this you'll somehow rember that we've been doing this.. i called you before and told you about what you forgot, so i remind you every single night. i wanna tell you that i never forget you, the thing that makes me remeber you always is write your name at my wrist, saying "regina angel". when i miss you, i look at your picture at my phone background.

feel my heart, again..

can you just feel my heart again,
just to feel you in my heart.
i want you to feel how calm
and nervous of me at the
same time when meeting you, i love you bha.

c s a

b o w t i e a n d s h i r t

this is my idea of dressing
during my performance at
csa nite. i got the bowtie,
check ^^.. grey shirt to go.. hee, 

look at the saying

i can't wait to kiss you


j o k k w o n

you know what? i cut my hair by myself like this, err almost like this actually, this time my craziness came and strike! i pull my hair in front of the mirror and start cutting, lol!

they don't know.

h u g g i n g y o u

i like hugging you because, each time after we hugged you kissed my cheek. i like that, i appreciate them thank you for that, i like you even more. this is the feeling that i like, the feeling of you showing that you love me. well, thats what i felt for this moment, but im not sure what i felt are real or the oppsite. for now, im hopping that you love me just ask the way im loving you, care for you. (smiley face)

in the future, i wish that you'd be mine walking side by side, in sickness and in health, in poor and rich. you'd be mine. forget your past, you bad ones, and start you new journey with me, a never happy ending story with me. even when we suffer the worse together, but at least we can do it together. i sure wish for that.

another thing that i like is when each time i gave you a lolypop you kissed my forehead, its kinda sweet to be doing that. do you remember that i did ever gave you a beautiful butterfly that is slightly hurt it self, hee. it looks real bha kn. i want you to keep it safely, i know that your favorite is a butterfly right, so now im focusing on making your days with me full of butterflies and pinks all the way, plus the sweetness and gentlemen of myself.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

i'll make a story

tomorrow is the day.
the day i meet you up.
so be cool, don't act,
just do! remember to be gentleman,

so when tomorrow i'll know the truth from you, what i've been waiting for some time. let it go cos i wanna hear all of it, i really want it to be perfect, accept the fact , any fact that is going to happen to me tomorrow. by the time you tell me, i wish i have the courage to kiss you for the first and the last time. waa ^^

merepek - never happen

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


t h e r e a s o n t o s m i l e

my dad woke my up today, waa, i actually forgot to set my alarm, hoho, clever! so i cgot cleaned and took my bbf aka breakfast, hee. went to work as usual, wow daily rutin. then i  changed to my uniform got to the lift and quite shocked to see sabarianti was there, i thought i'll be alone today but nooooo... hee, so now i got the reason to smile, hee . kunun! hmm, early that morning not much busy, but when its 8pm and above that is where the lightning strikes, a lot of guest checking out, that is from the orions.

then this so called captain came to approached me at the counter to check out, waa, shes giving me much pain in the ass bha, haha . but really, i don't mind. im cool. just this guest take most of my moment, HAHA. so funny and yet tiring. okay, next theres this guest wanted to exchange their USD money to RINGGIT MALAYSIA, so i was doing this procedure, this and that, from my surprise, he told me to hurry up, waa. i was there silent but in deep inside, waa so burning up, haha . but its okay la, im happy for you, i got the wrong posting, thanks to you, you had me made my mistake, haiya.

but its okay, cos im easy going bha kn, hee. now its 11am in the afternoon, waa, so shock a lot of time had passed by. so cyril and i took our lunch at the chat and chill. i guess cyril and i got not much time together lately. im sorry, i'll be better next time. you're my best friend i ever had, to share this and that, here and there, now and then. after lunch we went down to lobby to continue our work, then work work work..

at three, im happy im about to close my transaction, but then theres a lot of mistake to take care of, so i stayed for another hour just to settle. naa, after balik kn, so cyril and i ... again walk together to eastern plaza.. i went to pierce my right ear, so im thinking of closing my left side piercing ^^

naa, then i went home la this alone eating batang buruk, hee, so waited for my bus to departed. reach home i bath the go took my dinner, and now im in front of you updating my blog for today, thank you

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i wish

h e a r t

i really wish that you
are the only one that
can make my heart goes
pumping and slows at the
same time.

tell me gently.

i am scared, of what will come towards me,
lend me courage so that i can live
bravely tomorrow and the next day.
i really need it everyday of my breath i breathe.

i heart you

r i b b o n 

when you tie a ribbon,
it looks hard,
but when you start,
you'll get along.

the ribbon i bought you looks adorable on you. i like it. next time i'll wear you a butterfly okay, i promise. the only thing im asking is for you to be honest with me, don't hurt me with those ridiculous excuse. i believe in you. i trust in you. now, even yesterday is my first day of forgetting you doesn't work, well, i knew that something will happen between us, so i hopped and i pray, that you will get through your senses that he is not the one for you, i am!

when i heard that you are just thinking me as your brother, i thought that i am doing a great job in making you happy, cheerful and laugh. so i\now i heard the other way round, is that my imagination or you're just fooling me around a gain? i don't want us to be separate. till then, with love mj 


yesterday i felt confused on what happened.. a text of i love you change my reaction. what just happened? i thought you dislike me, i thought that you think of me as you brother.. hmm... so now im just following your way.. i guest i should keep on waiting for some miracle..this friday i'll be seeing you right, so be nice, don't break my heart cos its precious and fragile..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

hmm, kau

im being too sweet to other, i should stop that, i should not waste my time for other people's gf, sembarangan sja sya ne bha..


so i bid mine goodbye and never knew, so close.

turn around, look at me
tell me whats wrong
do you love me?
i guess not

she was mine

so i hope and hope that you'll be mine but then you upset me, hee ^^

we're the perfect two

i though that we can be together, but..

day one

hi bloggers,
today is my day one of forgetting her,
good luck !

Friday, September 16, 2011

the truth about my heart

# t h e l a s t s t e p

okay do you want to hear an interesting story about love? my love? hee, don't laugh ^^

well, here it goes, for the last 3 months since i broke up with lucyle cecil, a gril that i thought who will be mine "forever".. didn't last as i thought it would be.. look ... i have overcome the regrets and broken heart i had... i lose to a more high expectation person ^^ .. so i tried to look for someone else i hope that will bring colours to my life ..

but i keep holding to myself that i would not easily fall into girl, damn . now im falling for someone cool you should know about, reine emol ^^ shes cute, well for the last 1month i told her that i had a crush on her, so it began, naaa ... but as i figure it out, that she not single, bha ada kunun bf dia tu ... naa, dari sna sya tau la dia ada bf, she told me few things of her problems, so i listen, then that day, we talked ! hmm, but now, i need to talk to her again bha . hmm

last two days, i asked her what does she think of me, so she answered "brother" hmm, well coooll bha ^^ ... then her bf will be here soon, like today , i don't know la, ee .... so im planning to meet her bf.. yeah , so what, i still wanna know them ... then if i have the courage to move on, so be it ...

read the cartoon

this explain everything? well, i love someone else's .. buruk bha .. now i can't forget what i have done for her, every sacrifice every tears every thing that i make i try isn't working ... so why care? should i stop?


TO YOU. </3

That should be me by Justin Bieber

Everybody's laughing in my mind,
Rumors spreading 'bout this other guy,
Do you do what you did when you
did with me?
Does he love you the way I can?
Did you forget all the plans 
that you made with me? 
'cause baby I didn't!

That should be me,
Holdin' your hand,
That should be me
Makin' you laugh,
That should be me,
This is so sad,
That should be me,
That should be me,

That should be me,
Feelin' your kiss,
That should be me,
Buyin' you gifts,
This is so wrong,
I can't go on,
Till you believe that,
That should be me
That should be me,

You said you needed a little time
For my mistakes,
It's funny how you used that time 
To have me replaced,
Did you think that I wouldn't see you out at the movies
Whatcha doin' to me,
You're takin' him where we used to go,
Now if you're tryin' to break my heart,
It's working 'cause you know that,...

That should be me,
Holdin' your hand,
That should be me,
Makin' you laugh,
That should be me,
This is so sad,
That should be me,
That should be me,

That should be me,
Feelin' your kiss,
That should be me ,
Buyin' you gifts,
This is so wrong,
I can't go on, 
Till you believe that,
That should be me

I need to know should I fight
For our love for this long
It's getting harder to shield
This pain in my heart!!
That should be me,
Holdin' your hand,
That should be me,
Makin' you laugh,
That should be me,
This is so sad,
That should be me,
That should be me, 
That should be me,
Feelin' your kiss,
That should be me,
Buyin' you gifts,
This is so wrong,
I can't go on,
Till you believe that,
That should be me,
Holding your hand,
That should be me,
Oh i makin you laugh, oh Baby,
That should be me,
(that should be me givin you flowers)
That should be me,
Talking by hours,that should be me, that should be me,
that should be me

Never should've let you go,
I never should've let you go,
That should be me
Never should've let you go
That should be me

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


c y r i l r o b e r t

i believe in you, you dont' have any bad side . only the good one . so be who you wanna be, i still believe in you , even though i never show them but i still ove you, you're my best friend forever, ^^ be with who ever you wanna be with, i don't mind but just think kokay . as for me, yeah its the same situation, she gave me hope and open space, really looks like shes giving me the chance on getting her, just like you, but then i ask, she said no . so , the thing i learn here is be brave enough to ask . ask and you shall receive, don't care about others might think because it is you being honest to yourself, i know what im saying here is almost merepek, haha , but i believe you . you can do it, and what ever happened between us is not a big deal, money can replace your friendship, so be real and forget about the past . true friend doesn't mind about your status, but they look in yourself on how you making me @ treating me as yours ^^

flora foong

hee, comel kn ^^

i like it

r e g i na a n g e l e m o l

naa sya suka kau gtu ^^


tadi pagi sya mau tanya bha tu ada yang dia anggap sya, eh in english please, hee . err, so i ask her what do you think of me for you . err, its that right, haha . err , so she answer, BROTHER, naa, tu yang siok d dngr tu kn, thats what stops my heart a little while... its okay, i'll find my way out myself ^^ but please be gentle with my heart okay? i beg you c:


err, kelmarin kn, sya ada practice menari kunun d church . tp tidak ne dapat practice sebab tiada c cyril, ee . buruk punya, hahaha . so starts at 2pm .. so my dad sent me to church that early and i just waiting there walking here and there to eastern plaza . then a text came telling me that the others dont come, including cyril, naa, siok kn kena kasih main, sudah la berjanji ! :P hmm, tidak mau kalah juga, so sya p la ne naik teksi p rumah c amanda mau p jemput c reine sma manda p church kunun mau practice, hoho . sya mau kasih surprise bha ne, then call la c reine hee, siok ne kasih terkejut dorang and at the same time sya malu plak, haha .

tiba tiba ne datang tidak kena jemput pn datang tanpa sebab, hahaha . so sya p jumpa c ringo ^^ err, yeah la, okay juga la sna rumah manda, no komen.. okay sya call taxi ne ada kawan sya tu naa... err naik la ne kami texi p church, so sampai sudah la ne kn, so kami p setup d dewan sna, sekali tngk pasang movie vampire sucks, hahaha . okay la tu, makan keropok, bagi bagi, terus ikut ikut ne d wayang pakai gigi tajam tajam tu d depan gigi pakai keropok, hee . 

naa sampai habis sudah tu wayang kn, kami p tngk la ne lirik lirik lagu, so sya p nyanyi untuk dorang , uuuuuuu, siok bha ... semua sdya nyanyi fav sya bha, then last last ada ne budak budak datang tngk pn macam ramai so kami pindah la p depan church, buka laptop lagi, so try menari sikit sikit, oooooooo, dont work, so kami p eastern la jalan jalan, p cari pasal, hahaha . p beli minum dulu d sna servay . kunun mau bawa p tempat lepak, tp tutup sudah o, punya buruk kn, dui jadi kami p la car park sna, naa sna pn ada security jaga, duhh, apa bha ne, ee ... tngk masa pn jm8 lebih sudah ...

bha jadi kami p la ne naik lift turun lift, dari sna start la sudah imagine benda bukan bukan, hahaha , benda lucu, ZOMBIES . now everyone is a zombies, once you got contact of anyone you will be automatically turn to zombie ^^ cool is it? naa, sana kami jalan sini kami jalan mana mana ada "zombie" haha lucu bha, takut takut kami jalan, hahaha . yang lucu ne sya pn ikut jadi takut, hahahaha . semua hairan tngk kami ^^ its okay to be crazy, as long as i get crazy with you then its fine ^^, naa sya post yang sma d wall facebook sya, hee awesome right ^^

okay next, we went back to dewan p bawah dewan kejap mau p tandas.. so tnggu dorang d luar .. hmm, cerita kosong sekejap on why we met each other, hee . lupa lupa ne kn, hoho ... na then kami p atas dewan ambil angin kunun, tp tiada pn angin ne, ee .. buruk lagi, hahaha . but its okay la kami p duduk d tepi sna main bayang bayang hoho, pnya lucu and siok plus plus .. then finally pulang sudah dorang at 10pm ... mummy manda ambil dsornag, so pulang la ne p salam c manda, reine macam tidak mau salam ne, hohoho . lupa sya sudah dia, huuuuuuuu .. naa, masih ingat lagi hand shake kami, hee, comel, siok ne buat gut, mari sya tnjuk kamu kalau jumpa sya aa, sya ajar kamu tu ^^

okay, naa sya p kerja lepas tu, p sms sekejap sma reine then she sleep ^^ early in the morning, i texted her, so she reply .. oh ya ada sya cerita yang sya ada menari sma reine tu so close by jon mclaughlin ^^ punya siok, slow dance ne, ee siok bha so sweet ^^

bha thats it for now, till then ^^ be awesome ^^

Sunday, September 11, 2011


next time la aa,
sya tambah dp,
ada bha sudah sya edit,
tp nanti la post .
malas mau post semua


do you like me ? huu 


"i've been feeling for someone who i can't call as mine"


sya suka tngk bha, err, what do you guys think of us ? huu, need your support bha, naa, cepat aa, ^^


m a r v y n j a s o n

hoho, muka buruk, lepas d edit bha ne, hoho . ne naa time jalan jalan sma reine and others, malas mau sebut, hahahaha . im in love sudah kn, tu la malas mau sebut yang lain, tu yang reine sja sya sebut, hohoho

friend like you

m a r v y n j a s o n . f l o r a . c y r i l

hee, this is when cyril and i came to visit flora everytime we got boring, lol, so funny and cute too ^^ hee . err, her shop got sell this very cute accessories, waa, so cutee, hee . i bought reine a hair clip from here, ^^

c h e e r s

h a p p y s u n d a y

s m i l e

dear bloggers, welcome ! today i would like to wish all of you cheers ! smile all the way to the end of the day . hee, today my schedule is : i woke up at 8.30am and took my bath wash my face . i felt fresh ! waaa, siok ne dapat mandi cuci rambut, semangat mau keluar, tp tidak jadi la, got no mood going out, so i stayed at home ONLINE hee .

naa, after cleaned myself, i went online (currently fb'ing) hee . i watched movies listening to some songs, blog this and blog that . then text someone who i can't say that she's mine . she's someone else's . hmm, you get what i meant... hey, i've been thinking, suddenly, like... now... hey i wanna hug you... we never hug before right? naa, lets hug...

errr, the other night before i dream about us you know, waaa so sweet . its the first time i did dream about you . its about : you wanted to exchange you phone with me while im lying on your lap .... waa, its look so realistic ^^

Saturday, September 10, 2011

i miss her

o h m y  

one week okay la, not seeing you, but another week kn tidak jumpa, huu . lepas tu one week lagi, naa, three weeks la tu . hohoho. not funny at all . but at least i know you're missing me.. but please be honest aa, if you don't like me just tell me so .. tell me earlier if you want me to give you some space ... hohoho.. ^^

Thursday, September 8, 2011

thursday morning :D

p l a y . a r o u n d

hee, ne naa time p rumah c amanda tu yang sya cerita. all of thew sudden sya call c niel minta ambil p rumah manda, so dia ambil la, tp lamanya sya tunggu tu, aduu ..... dua jam lebih sya tnggu tau , then finally datang la dorang ne, tp tnggu lagi kejap mau buat tu psp dorang, so sya tnggu lagi la ne, padahal dalam badan ne exited sudah sya ne, melompat lompat sudah dalam diri ne hahahaha .

naa, jalan la sudah ne kn, dalam kereta sudah ne . pusing kiri pusing kanan then masuk simpang mengayau, EHHH ! HAHAHAHA salah jalan . masuk sudah simpang rumah manda, hee . err, sya nampak dorng dari jauh, so sya p la tekan hon kereta c niel ne, hahaha . dorang tidak sedar ne kenapa hon hon . so dekat sma dorang sudah kn, bru doran gperasan rupanya kami, heeeee . suddenly c reine plak yang exited sangat sampai tarik c ah yin sampai jatuh bha, alala, kesiannya . huu

sya p tolong dorang, hahahaha . tp habis rosak bunga orang tanam, hahahaha . pokoknya lucu la, ahhahaah . then sya turun kereta la mau p teman dorang p kedai, so dorang c niel plak p tnggu depan rumah c manda, ada bha tu c funf fung d dalam, tp dia sibuk main game tidak mau buka pintu, hahahaha . kesian kn  ...

bha, sya sma dorang balik la lepas dari kedai tu, balik p rumah c manda, so,  p dapur buat air untuk dorang c niel and myself, hee . after that, tiba tiba anjing c manda terlepas, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! takut sudah c manda time tu, so sya p la kejar tu anjing c ringo nama dia, hee . pusing pusing satu taman sya bha, waaa . then lastly c ringo p rumah orang mau p gaduh sma tu anjing lain, naaa, sya p tarik dia, tidka dapat juga, lukily ada tuan rumah anjing dorang datang . naa, dia p kasih sya tu tali tali untuk sya tarik c ringo, thank you ya, heee . dapat juga sya bawa dia pulang .

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

p/s :

sorry i copied and edited some of your picture without your permission, i'll tell you later on, hee . sorry aa :D but im happy la edit edit ne, apa lagi kalau edit crush sya pnya picture kn heeeeeeeeeeeeee bhabha ^^


a w w w

with you

s a m a s i c o m e l

hee, that the hugging bear i bought for her, hee . so cute right . it will be even cuter in person, hee . to bad she wasn't into me . yeah she doesn't think of me as a sweet person giving those sweet thing to her . her friends thought so but she didn't .... i heard it from my ear myself, she told me :c but never mind, im still into you , sssshhhhhhhh !

dear reine

r e i n e

hi there, how are you ? buruk kn starting dia ne, how are you la kunun . padahal cakap sja bha, i miss you . hahaha . bha, yeah la tu, i miss you :D sorry to say la yeah "bf" .... err, hows c boboy ? c comel ? lol, merepek sja d cne, err, bha bha tiada apa apa la, just take care yeah, take care of your health . put some eyemoooo in your eyes ^^

and i ....

dear cyril, oh im sorry for my behavior, i didn't mean to do that . maybe im too selfish ! yeah, i suppose to be a good friend to you, sorry about that . yerrr, jangan kau marah aa c:


m o r n i n g

for me la, i woke up at 11am heeeeeeeeeeeee . its still AM in the morning right, well

Sunday, September 4, 2011

open house with FO

and i know that we can be so amazing..... eh salah tempat sya nyanyi, hee . err, today there's a family gathering tonight, hee , family gat aaa, hahahahaa . its raya, and im gonna have fun, but kerja bha ee buruknya, but it okay , cause tonight gonna be a good night, tonight is gonna be a great night .. 

look at me

look at me and tell me the truth.. do you like me ?

because i don't know what you're thinking about right now, but i got the feeling that you do .. well, anyway i will still like you whatever it takes .. till i found someone .. 

for me you're my princess, you're adorable, hee

i'll wait for the moment, the moment of truth, its time to be real, really like jb and selena, no hiding, heee . they dont care if their fans keep chasing them. hee, merepek la . hahahaha . err, i wanna be who i am . please show myself .... !!!

i am number four

woww, i did watch this and it was awesome ofcose .. otherwise i wouldn't post it, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . this story refers to some alien came to earth to (idon't know actually what are they doing on earth) ..... err, he had to keep on changing school to get his new identity, then finally he found a girl that he can't let go of .. so he fought wfor this girl, hee . at first i thought that the girl had powers too, hoho

feeling like this !

l a z y s o n g

today i feel like not doing anything .. hee .. its sunday and im in the evening shift, that is 3pm to 11pm .. err, im going at 2pm then start my work at 2.30pm ... then at 7pm there'll be an open house for front office staff and ex staff, hee . so cool is it ..

hello sunday

h u g

she's not mine, yeah i know that she's not mine . but i am trying to forget what i have started . so hard so damn hard to stop what you have started .. any advice ? well i have one advice for you mj .. BE AWESOME!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

hugs and kisses

hey when you miss me, hug boboy, aka comel . i believe that you miss me . because i did thinking of you everyday, every second actually . i know we can happen . this is my way of telling you, that i care for you . find someone that love you, cares for you, ME !

we could happen

aww, sweet right, well, im sure that we could happen baby, yeah cause, i know that in your eyes you feel the same, i accept you whether you feel you don't . forget about the past, and i still think that you're a sweet girl . think of me as the one who can save you when you fall, i can be your superman, "yourman"


i think i have making more enemy each and everyday of my life, darrelene hate me . c anu hate me, c itu hate me, haiya, what ??? do i look like a bad guy, well i don't . every thing i did must be a reason for it . maybe im too chicken for you . yeah buruk kn , all i want is the haters to love, and the lovers to like !


t h i s g i r l -  from my amnesia girl

err, does she looks familiar ? hey macam c reine kn, hee . sama comel. hari tu tngk movie ne macam sama plak bha, so comel, hhahaha . just like her attitude, !! she jumps, she screams, shes excited ! she makes me laugh c:


the funny thing is, that im still alive despite all the hurts that i got, 

err, any other touching movie ?


my amnesia girl

m y a m n e s i a g i r l

wow, im very touch wacthing this movie, i think im gonna watch it again a few times, huuu . 

guess what !!

i got my ear piercing this morning, waaaaa, so cool !