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i'll hold the door please come in and just sit here for a while this is my way of telling you i need you in my life its so cold without your touch i've been dreaming way too much can we just turn this into reality cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you storms try will come but i know that the sun will come again he's my friend and he says that we belong together and i'll sing a song to break the ice just a smile from you would suffice its not me being nice but this is real tonight cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

white christmas

woww, i can't believe its time, hee. almost closer to you Jesus. a lil bit closer to a new born birthday baby ^^ well, i think im gonna end my december with a single status. yeah that right, i don't have girlfriend. huu. nobody loves me.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten,
and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

sweet december ends


i wish i can protect you when ever theres rain. all the lightning and thunder i will stop. cover you with only my body, kiss your forehead to calm you down, make you brave by telling you it will be okay.

ask and you shall received

as christmas starting to come slowly.. everybody start to pray for santa that he would come at night giving you what you always wanted. but for me, its all a myth! i believe in God and He is the only way i can pray and ask from. everytime i wanted something and God didn't give me, i keep saying to myself that God is busy helping you, so i understand, maybe next time, hee. 


okay i have to admit that this is really cool. timeline starting to amused me. well, now here i am using 'em right now. the cover above shows that im creative enough to combine my blog with facebook, hee. i am so happy to see that, hee, but i'll update my cover once in a while, just need some time. okay bha

december updates

morning to all dear bloggers. well, this may be my last post for this year 2011. from this past months in twenty eleven.. 

january start with the vocation seminar, meet new friends and gain experiences, a priceless one. the best part is we went to bundu tuhan retreat centre, waa siok bha, can see the mount kinabalu from afar, huu, i really miss that moment! i think there is some seminars also going on at tawau.. its about the priesthood seminar, hee. for those who interested to become a priest or sister or in a holy person i guess..

february brings luck in me, got this job as a receptionist at promenade hotel, plus i am thrilled cause i the hotel staff had been picked to do some performance during the bridal fair.. cool, and i got the part in modelling too, its so awesome! that time i remember that my ex-girlfriend left me for another cooler guy (her ex juga).. eh, but shes not the one who leave me, i did... mm theres no use to love someone who doesn't love you back right? so i broke her up.. on march, the bridal fair begins. we do some photoshoots and modelling. waa, so excited.. i guess that God gave me the chance to do what i love and to let me calm of all the break up thing.

as time pass by, still march btw.. my latest ex-girlfriend wanted to get back to me, so i trust her for the last time. and as you see, im still single right? so she broke me up, threw me away like a plastic bag, and she got back with  her ex-boyfriend again, hey we're talking about the same person bha!! (i just remembered that she broke me up on may)

this and that happened.. read my previous blog..

bha, december came out great! this past days, i've been naughty, hoho. learn to clubbing, and stuff.. but i think it is really necessary  for me to do so, its a perfect preparation for any time. kn, for example if you go out and you didn't get enough exposure, well can you survive? no!, you can't!

will continue update after bath :P

Sunday, December 18, 2011

got drunk!

damn. i drank a lot o last night. vomit a lot! uh! i felt so very embarrassed oh. luckily theres eryka robert (my ex girlfriend) huh! at first la kn, i ask my parents if i can go to karaoke like we did. then after church we go karaoke la this kn, then after that continued at crossover.. drank a lil bit okay.. then the second and the next all one shot!, huu i really don't like it when im drinking just a lil bit, im used to one shot, but well you know what could happen when you do that kn, you got drunk!

i am feeling uncomfortable during my happy hour because this eyes saw something shocking. huu, in my first sight, i kept silent for a while and act awkwardly! mm, not going to talk about it (yet), uh!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


woww, i guess i just thought of a new quote i made myself.. really, no lies. suddenly pops out of my mind.. huu, but i didn't mean it for anyone to get offended. :/ sorry..

the boobs talk

lol, the statement is absolutely true..

i do love boobs!

the way i make you feel

first, i'm sorry :/ i don't think i make you felt like that. i really thought you understand.. my situation is like this, i hope i can meet you first then i can make my decision... to know you well, to meet your parents, to change my single status.. i wanna love you too.. but in the right way, not just taking another lovebug from somewhere... im trying to get to know you better, i know i'll regret if i don't get to meet you..

now i'm scare that i hurt you, that i'll make you feel i don't have feelings for you anymore. maybe i was wrong in treating you in that way.. to make you feel that way.. but honestly i never got that intention to forget you.. i won't break my promise i made.. to meet you and your parents, if i got the chance.. to be with you all the time i had.. watch the sunset with you...

please understand ya.. yeah now i don't text you... but it doesn't prove that i don't care or think of you, i was doing something.. like updating my blog or something.. but in the end i'll tell you what did i do right.. huu,

i felt happy when having someone to talk to..

tell my stories...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

the moment

hee, feeling like this c:

its all about you

cool blog btw

her blog, hoho

then saw this blog, wow, know how to do that :/ anyway thanks for your blog post, tidak sedar plak kau snap, haha. ↑ that poker face!


sorry..... for......party rockin' hard!

melissa's look alike

cool, its been qa while since i update kn, bha. today, after i woke up, i straight away online like i use to do, hmm, didn't touch my phone except charging my phone. then went to youtube to listen some morning musics.. then i came across this video of cathy nguyen. waa then i was surprised! she look like melissa i know, hee, so cute and adorable. can't wait to see her btw, hee. will be going to kk (kota kinabalu) on the 22nd of december 2011 for my holiday and christmas celebration with all my families. 

hee, bha im so excited to wanna tell whats my plan bha, hee, hope all that i wish will come true and no other obstacles. hee. lets start on the 19th dec, my parents and my lil brother went to kampung left me home alone, hee, then its me alone to make all the house work, but it won't be long, then on the 20th dec im working in the night shift for two nights before im going to kk. then i plan on going by bus early in the morning after my shift ends at 7am.. yeyy, then on my way i'll sleep, hee. then when i arrive at inanam, i'll take the bus and go to kk, to a hotel that i've booked through online.. that is Borneo Tribe Hotel. hee only RM 50 per night inclusive of 1bbf.. not sure really whats that place, but i don't care as long as i can stay with the one i wanted to meet all this long. hoho...

bha then i want to go every place i wanted to go all this while, watch the sunset with the one. aww, hee siok la, mau p belanja sna belanja sini.. hee, then after got back to the hotel rest my body and sleep, hee... then awake the next morning go to kampung to meet my other relatives, oh yeah! this is so exciting! bha, see you guys there ^^ regards.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

this is it

naa, hi there again, hee. long time sudah tidak update panjang panjang kn, hee. bha, where to start aa? err, from this pass few days i think i've been a really bad boy la, haha. really go all partying! yeah bha, we went clubing la karaoke la, party party la, ee siok la.. wish you guys can be there to see my act. lol! okay start from last night, haha, yeah i drink, while in cyril's brother's birthday party, hee, we dance, i sang, and it was cool. but frankly i can't sing the high note song, ee, geram sya bha, tp tanak kampung i think i still can do it, hee. alala, the best part is, im singing it in dusun language, hahaha! so fun la "yoku tanak kampung iso nu nu .... something something, hahaha!, ingga korita ku mogiwit diou minpanau..." hahaha, tp siok la, but i feel a lil bit weird la, because its his brother's birthday party plak kn, but im the one like lebih lebih kn, huu.. i think so. hee

err, the last saturday ka that yeah, yeah! after church at 7 we went to mawar's wedding reception i think, like bersanding bha.. err, shes my friend at my work place.. waa, pnya cantik dia, hahah, kena make-up lagi, huh! okay then mau masuk rumah dia tu, belecak o.. huu, gelap lagi, jauh lagi masuk dalam, waa, hahah but i feel happy plak, okay bha. i like it, and it gets better, we went to karaoke later that evening.. hee siok o, err me myself and cyril, marc and priscilla, only the four of us ne, but all kena tanggung oleh pris, hee, dia belanja semua.. c marc plak bawa kereta, hee

then the rest i can't tell yet, ee mau p kerja.. tidak jadi karangan sya!

Monday, December 5, 2011

cyril's look-a-like

hee, smart kn like cyril's face, look the same bro, bha ^^

Friday, December 2, 2011