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i'll hold the door please come in and just sit here for a while this is my way of telling you i need you in my life its so cold without your touch i've been dreaming way too much can we just turn this into reality cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you storms try will come but i know that the sun will come again he's my friend and he says that we belong together and i'll sing a song to break the ice just a smile from you would suffice its not me being nice but this is real tonight cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The night i can't sleep

well i slept at 3am this morning. not only last night, every night.. i even read some star newspaper - - the weird thing is i tried to sleep and close my eyes, looked at my phone, thinking of something, but nothing ever worked.. i'm sad. hope that this will end as soon as possible. NEED SLEEP!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Should not even started.

See marvyn. you've got your slap back is it? You should have not started it on the first place.. What will you do now?

Everything must go...

What a surprise i had, but nevermind, i'm used to it. and it was like the usual for me.. once i let one go, and the other one lets me go.. you know something like carma.. or is it something else..??

-a mystery that never solve-

23 July 2012

"saya ada boyfriend"

-a text from someone-

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I was just wondering if i am missing my past or just wanting back my past. Really need and answer for this. not long ago, i was in love with someone, and this certain someone came, and another came, but i just don't know whether to choose or just to _____.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Kotobian tadau tagozo do kaamatan! Cyril and i got our leave on kaamatan which i forgot the date, but nevermind, haha! so, we took the bus to inanam.. it took us about 12 hours to reach our destination, woww, super bored and such a pain in the ass, lol.. okayy.. then skip skip skip..

we arrived at this inanam town.. and you know what? we both don't have any plan on where to sleep, where to eat, and even what to do, what we knew is only having fun, hahahaha.. so there we were, taking another bus to KK terminal.. called my sister and asked her to meet us at somewhere i forgot.. 

waiting and waiting, walking and walking.. finally met my lovely sister.. look thin then before i guess, hee.. love you sis :D the three of us when to KK to her place to keep our stuffs there.. and then continue our journey around KK, woww, so was excited that i got the chance to walk with my best friend cyril again :D totally awesome.. hang around the CP that is Centre Point.. cuci mata here and there everywhere elsewhere..

then we headed back to IP, where my sister stay.. stay overnight there and get our rest.. i somehow forgot the steps oh... hahaha, sorry if i got messed up in telling this story, but i'll try my best to tell the truth, hahahaha.. 

the next morning...

woke up in the morning feeling like P DD, hahaha.. okayy we woke up and went to CP again to have our breakfast.. sasau bha.. hee .. sya belnja semua sasau, hahahaha, oh yeah linda got her new phone, am so envy of her, ish, didn't even buy me one.

 and then met our friends fro tawau also, heeeeeeeeeeee so we exchanged our phone number to get in touch easily.. woww, cool, then we continued walking.. till friend of our brought us to KDCA that afternoon.. its good to have friends in KK kn, hee.. Thank God for that, shes been great to us from the first day we met, taking care of us, drove us here and there.. just to follow our desire, hee.. anyway, we went to Yaho Hotel which is somewhere aroung penampang.. not that far from KDCA..

so there we are arrived at this place, woww, so excited! 

skip to the night we went to Funfair next to 1Borneo.. so awesome! that is the night i first met Charlene Roses Nickozeus.. the girl i've been calling after reine.. yeah, someone else cares for me better than any other.. is was funny at first because looking for her is like a hard challenge for me, plus at night - -'.. i know right! I searching and finally got this group of girls awkwardly staring at me, so i wondered is this charlene? hahaha, and CORRECT! thats her.. shake her hand, because i am not brave enough to hug her in front of her friends.. anyway.. they went home early then i expected it would be.. but nevermind, we had our time there.. cyril and i rode the sudden impact..woww, i was trying to get tough on the ride but i couldn't stand the thrilled running though my nerve.. later that night, zuer send us back to my sister's crib. our night just end like that. the next morning we all went to KK and continue our excitement on the road.. this time with michelle( cyril's) :P :P :P

whats funny is that we fought cutely during the day, lol.. sorry to say la brother cyril :D

so we all went to KDCA again that day.. and some pictures explain the rest.. too tired to type..

a walk with charlene.. i guess cyril took this fro the back, well it looks kinda cute, but on the other hand it looks like im bullying charlene right?? Oh yeah, i got to meet up with Jov, easter and her BF Hariri, Benji.. and others.. it was great finally got to meet them in person rather than talking on the phone.. hee thank you cyril for snapping pictures like this, as a memory that lies within our head.. merepek! what am i talking about?!

this is Lanata's dad, very sporting guy and a very talented singer just like her daughter.. hee, got a crush on her, but, nevermind, i'll get to that story when i have time, if i have one :P :P :P

some shots of us making our life nonsense and more alive i think.. look at charlene, so cute bha kn, hee me?? like buruk ne,, and cyril and his partner stays cheers like always.. Look at that fan on my hand that i was holding.. that was charlene's.. she said that i lost her's.. but finally sound back at her place.. eee charlene ne kn.. hhahaha... Continue...

Then time goes on.. having fun and so on.. that night we went to Pantai Point, Bistro whatsoever! I guess theres only "us" in it, so boring.. but i had my kiss with the DJ that night... A very talented girl indeed.. as a DJ.. woww.. Her name is Bibi and i got her number, lol! anyway mind my naughtiness list..

that night cyril and i rented a "HOTEL" at Api Api Centre.. very cool, cause everything happened that night.. continue.. that morning, we woke up, booked us a bus home to tawau.. got us RM50 only.. then we walk again for our last time at KK.. spent time at SS as in Suria Sabah.. cool..

This is where cyril brought me to a walk. woww, a walk... cool bha bro :D now i'm resting my legs at Gaya Street.. noticed that my glasses i'm wearing are cool.. HAHAHA. yeah i just bought them in SS.. thats what i've been searching my whole life.. that kind.. i know it wasn't original, but, i love it just the way it is.. so be it :P :P :P

so thats it, went home early morning.. and worked! bye!


hi there! finally i got my time again doing what i'm good at. Actually i got a lot of time before, be didn't get the mood to post something in my blog. so here it goes. I noticed that my last post is about the MCD ↓.. hee.. it was on April. Lots of things been going on this past days.. i mean new experiences, loves, lives, friends, everything happened.

I noticed that this blog got a few changes made, "okayy" i said.. pretty cool, but still need to learn more.. anyway, Reine... the one i had a crush on.. came back from PLKN.. Khidmat Negara so called.. Well i'm glad she came, and got to spent more time with her, but sadly, still the same feeling since my last crush, so today i just blow all my feelings away and turn my love to her into something more interesting.. i asked her to be my lil sister.. that way i can still love her, but in a different way.