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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Made in Kota Kinabalu

Hi, good day mate' LOL.. bha apa lagi, semangat la ne mau update pasal apa yang happening time saya d KK ne kn.. actually kn, i couldn't get into my blog account before, but then today i just get to open it back.Thank God :D

So, it begin. On the 27th July marc and I went to Kota Kinabalu or we like to call KK. We travel by car on the road. We supposed to depart from home at 5am but instead we left home at about 5.30am.. half an hour late, and then we stop by at the gas station to pump up VIVA. after that, we passed the hotel in about 6am. Our journey has begun. 6am on the clock : you do the math.

And oh, by the way, i haven't told about the reason of marc and i went to KK. Marc got his interview going on at somewhere only he knows where. and i on the other hand wanted to look for a job in KK, besides that, i wanted to meet Charlene, yeah, Charlene Roses. I wanted to make it a surprise, a very shocking surprise, huu..

Alright, where was i.. oh, so on our way to our destination, we talk lots of nonsense and sense things together, just to get ourselves out of sleepiness and tiredness. Well, skip skip skip skip skip the boring part and then i got bored and took out my camera i borrowed from my dad, snap few pictures

And here we are, Kundasang.. so we stop by here for a while to buy a stalk of rose for charlene, hee, pick the one i first saw. the red one. lucky rose i think. its like Charlene roses.. I wanted to stay longer at kundasang but we gotta go, so continued our journey.. oh we also stop by at Kinabalu Park, just to get some shots.. I took most of his picture, but i didn't get any, and then i rember the time when i was with cyril robert.. He and i took lots of pictures of jumping, modelling kunun ne, hahahaha.. those pictures i meant can be obtain on my last update blog.. thank you, hee :D anyway.. 

So the first place we been is at charlene's house. You know, to pick her up and bring her out, just to hang out.. okayy the story is like this, its so funny actually, so we now reach at IP, where my charlene stayed. So she doesn't know that i am in KK already.. so i called her and told her that i am in KK already, but she kept on saying "bh yeah la" isk, so marc dropped me down somewhere in giant area, so i walked there and here, up and down, to look for her house number, i even text her and ask her her house number, just to pretend.. at last i found her house, so i shouted out loud "CHARLENE!" and then fiona heard my scream and then opened the door for me, but then the first question i asked is not "where is charlene?" but instead i asked "Fiona pinjam tandas boleh?" LOL, so she brought me to the first floor toilet..

After i went out of the toilet, i knocked on charlene's room, but i'm too shy to talk.. because there's lot of other girls in that house, so i knocked knocked and knocked, finally, i called her and say "Charlene saya d luar ne , buka pintu" and then i can hear she screaming inside LOL, so cute, and then she believed its me, so she opened the door and let me in.. covering her face with something, lol, and then i hug her saying that i missed her so much.. ;D felt like wanna cry but i couldn't.

After that i took Marc into the house also, in the meantime charlene got ready bathed and ready to go. and oh, i met easter juga, hee :DD "Hi easter :D" saya bilang..

then kami dalam kereta la ne, on our way to pick joey up..

Charlene & I

The time we stared at something in our fingers, hm good times, good times..

So we both went to Centre Point or we liked to call CP! took this picture of charlene..

and then kunun charlene accompany me go look for job around KK hotels, Hyatt, Le' Meredien, Tang Dynasty.. err, much more that even i couldn't remember, hee, along the way, we snap some shots woo, ne naa alaa, kami naik bas sja bha dari sana sini, bukan macam kamu karita.. :P ne la ne.. kami jalan a thousand steps with her.. hee sya curi word tu dri charlene, ada tu dia post d twitter dia :D hee.. then at night kami ada dinner nasi ayam.. hee

To be continue...

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