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i'll hold the door please come in and just sit here for a while this is my way of telling you i need you in my life its so cold without your touch i've been dreaming way too much can we just turn this into reality cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you storms try will come but i know that the sun will come again he's my friend and he says that we belong together and i'll sing a song to break the ice just a smile from you would suffice its not me being nice but this is real tonight cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you

Saturday, November 26, 2011



hee, after a while tidak b'skype, naa ne laa ada juga kawan sya yang kena paksa untuk wb, haha. lama bha sudah tidak guna webcam ne, so sya try la, mana tau berhabuk sudah so sya try, hee, nothing happen, just awkward, thats what she said, haha!

-celynn claire-


gosh, like this really this much. looks cute kn, hee, pnya comel kalau rambut kena ikat naik kn, because tu na nampak leher. hee. really my type of girl la if like this, hee. 

next chapter.

hee :D

saturday morning.

i just woke up bha this then wanted to share this, hee. last night i sleep late and got very light, why that aa? hee, actually melissa and i talked on the phone for so long till 5 in the morning - - cool uh! hoho, bukan apa la kn, but i feel really good when i share some secrets and my pass to her, i feel great to have a person to share that night.. but evrytime sya fikir, adu habis la credit dia ne, ee! naa, tp dia yang degil, hee. its good to have someone there when you wanted to share kn, naa, tu la sya bilang, hoho. the end.

Friday, November 25, 2011

other than that

bloggers, i've been talking more about love rather than myself kn. bha this time im gonna share about myself. yeah about me the way i live the way i am. to start with.. err.. haiya, tidak tau ne!

-next time la aa-


last night was so cool, wish you all bloggers could be there to see me, awesome! awesome i said! i was in a club, woww, dancing club "fire" bha, hee. siok ne, i was dancing like fire on my pants. hee, with cyril, putih, mawar and lots of friends from hotel front office. its actually just to celebrate "the bachelors night" for mawar, that her last enjoyment moment for her youth. mmm, so cool kn, got this kind of stuff.

okay i'll tell the story, first of all, i came to work, the asked me if im gonna join for tonight, woww, and i was like cool, i'll be joining them, hee. bha, then its 11pm and i was just finished my shift, so we move to this restaurant, warisan ibu, hee, i ordered this nasi goreng daging mayonis. hee. sedap o, lain kali sya mau lagi la, hee.. but really that time kenyang o, only one plate also can make me full, hhahaha!

bha, then after paying my meal (on pax account - -) haha. i was surprise at first the price says RM 5.50 bha then the mamak said it was RM6.50 wahh! not i don't want to pay la kn, but cannot bha play like that ee :c any how i've paid for that!

moving on, bha we move to this club. FIRE, hee. so cool, but okay la, not much people was in it, mostly chinese. hee, then at first we ordered some cola to drink, naa, ne la ne, after drinking we went up this stage, hee, do a lil bit of movement, bha then start la this, woww, we move like theres no tomorrow! eeeee, best la, its like its my party, then theres this chinese girls came to dance with us because yeah i know its looks cool & awesome. hee, woww, lots of move came out that night, hoho. plus theres two poles to dance with, hee, i climbed that pole and dance!! bha, the end.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


...... sheera nur attika sahizen....

true love

love, its a special day
we should celebrate, and appreciate.
that you and me found something pretty neat.

"i wanted a true love. not the one who fall for the way i look, just love me as i am. yeah, i like that."



"im being dumb again, making all of this started. love, blame love? no, that'll be against the law of love, but what i can do is just stare are the time wait till the time goes by. not keep noob'ing."

-you there?-

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

hee, pengacau malam sya

cousin sya c darrelene :D

i've becoming evil


this is not something im trying to fall or embarrassed you. but its just to share, unfriend me from you friend list? oh, buruk o perangai. yeah la, its not good to post something like this, but after thinking of it twice, i've done nothing wrong, its just that im not putting your name there, nobody knows 'geo' ... but after thinking it the third time, okay im sorry c:

aww :')


here i am something to share about, a very shocking moment for me, tears almost roll down my cheek and heart is getting fast. with the music playing on, its making me even more emotional. what will surprise you dear blogger is that message is dedicated for me. yeah me. another love story to share - the end

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

stuff i like

i collect all of the stufff i love and combine them rather than i post it one by one right? hee, bha, anyone want to go shopping with me to get this stuff next time? hee, so excited, christmas items! well look, i've already ahad my shirt, but needs more, because im gonna wear them everyday, yeah, shoe, got it brown in colour, but need other colour, hmm, belt?  yeah got it, brown, want some more, and yeah pants, i need light brown color pants.. that it, hee. the end.

sorry girls.

i don't want you to hurt. now my heart doesn't belong to anyone, even the one i admire.
so first come first serve la tu kn. hmm, end!

keep playing in my mind.

i remember what we did that last saturday. the time i asked you to dance with me, twice. yeah the first dance kinda makes me embarrassed, but hey that is just warming up right? to get to each other. you wanna know what i felt? because i really wanna share whats on my mind here. before reading , please i don't want anybody to think of this sharing as a jealous matter. im just sharing right? well, to begin with i start with the moment i saw you in the restaurant. i honestly was searching for you, yes i admit it i was trying to search for you if you're coming or not that night. then, i caught my eyes on you and your family. after that a text message came from you. cool, you noticed i was there. a joy of smile suddenly burst in my heart!

unfortunately, i couldn't sit with you guys. i sat with my parents at this entrance, almost the entrance actually, further away. like i told you before i sat with the same table with my ex-girlfriend (read my previous post). then i started to feel uncomfortable. quickly text constance asked where the heaven is she. need to sit where else other then here, really couldn't stand (well, sit then - -, kiddin'). okay, got a reply from her, she asked me to just go straight. so i was thinking, should i go straight and just hit everything thats in my way? so i text her back, whats your coordination? lol, i really don't know, then she just asked me to go straight, and she'll stand up. okay, i became brave enough now, stood up, and just walk as told!

as i walk walking straight, woww, this is really far, finally i reach to their table. okay this and that, that and this. (read last update to know - wedding reception) so i went closer to reine's table, shake their hands, and then went back to my table, at first i feel scared. because i couldn't stand to look at her face. oh ya, did i mention that we, reine and i wore the same dress we wore during our performance at the csa nite 2011. yeah, aww, cute is it. its just like our flash back. cool...

on my mind was like, oh i wish theres a slow dance been play. then my wish is on my side, hee. i lend my hand gently towards reine. she took my hand, felt shy. okay, then we went to the center of the stage. you know like dancing the waltz, her left hand on my hand, and her right hand on my shoulder. you hold my left hand tightly, when you're scared, im here comforting your fear. me too feeling your fear. but what i can do is continue my dream of dancing with you. i'll be there when you're insecure. next you asked me a question. i wanted to tell you when the time is right, but screw time. i place you left hand on my lest shoulder. now both of your hands on my shoulder, while the music was played, we dance, keep dancing. i whisper to your ear the question you asked. mmm, now you get it whats bugging me.

Monday, November 21, 2011

yesterday was like..

facebook chat

hmm, what a day i had. a lot of feelings are pour out for me. a lot la happened yesterday, damn you feelings. frankly, i like you, yeah, but you don't wanna believe what i said. don't you want to change what i feel? i really do wish someone would be brave enough to change my thoughts. i appreciate what you've just said to me, your honest confession.. but you look like you're giving up so easily, i don't want that to happen.. yes you can say that i will never forget my pass, the one i admire, but time will heal right? anyway, im the one who can break up with a girl, very difficult, thats what im affraid of... :/

cool stuff i got


shes my friend. yeah, got this picture from facebook, another profile of me. i don't always online to that account, the relationship you see is only just to help my friend. so i helped! fine, :P

woww ^^


okay thank you again for this compliment. i really don't know you out there are thinking about it, handsome? haiya, malu me o.. huu :D

another game.


yeyy, i got this another one. cool, thank you.

cool stuff

i got mail

yeah i got my first mail. really happy to get it, hee, not from any special people actually, but im just glad to have it. yeah it from Global Institute of Studies. hmm, before this they offer me to study at their place. hmm, yeah i've been thinking a lot about it, and i rejected it, sorry, i got a lot to do here in tawau, its not that i don't want to study anymore. but i need to do something here that no one should ever know, hmm :c not love, not personal. but myself. ssshhhh!

text from you

i got a text from you this morning, yeah i received them. but you know i can't reply you anymore. i ran out of credit already, sorry. if you're reading this i hope you're not mad.. just understand okay? i miss you more (even if we never met right?) anyway, nice knowing you, i'll text you when i got some reload okay? don't like it when my credit went off like that last night. huu.... bha yeah la take care for now aa, don't be naughty.. c:

-melisa henry-



what an awesome status dear candy mok, really am appreciating it. feel lil bit bangga la, hahahaha. no la, just liking your status.. err, about you? nothing much, just never talk to you face to face is it? okay then nothing to say, hee. oh yeah, cool game you have there - inbox you from 0 - 9999?? then you would say something about it? cool, i did inbox you my number right? so its 1503.. hee, bha yeah la. thank you.

wild night?

what an awesome night i had. didn't noticed it was 4am o. terkejut sya. okay maybe im being too honest right? expressing everything i think, hmm, should i stop? or just continue? well, thats me, i should not stop till i get one. yeah comfirm no stop, no turning back, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Sunday, November 20, 2011


its the first time i posted this

ada ka ne orang cakap gtu, but its okay la , i know their feelings.. im cool bha, handsome lagi, hahahaha! a lot of others sayin gthe same time before, so this is the lucky person, he yeah a guy, gay i guess. hmm, not to get him upset or what but just i am not a gay, i am straight, i have feelings towards girls, i still love boobs, and the opposite sex, yeah!!

wedding reception

last night i attend this wedding reception of onell & stanie forever in love, hee. well at first i thought i will be sucks because i dont have the mood i guess, hahaha. cyril keep on telling me i will have my fun there, but i keep denying him, hahaha. okay after church, that is at 7pm, my dad drove to the jade ocean restaurant, i've never been there so far, but it looks cool, i think they just made a renovation there.. it looks so sweet bha, so romantic place to be, i wish all of you dear bloggers could be there to witness yourself.. but its okay, let me, tell the story..

it wasn't easy at first because of what just happened to me, its like a bus, a very huge bus just ran over me. hmm, on the friday morning bha tu sya tngk d facebook, naa, siapa surh sya tngk, sya p snap pictures lagi, hmm.. anyway, getting back to my real story, okay then i plan on sitting sma constance @ linda @ epi, hahaha.. bha time sya masuk entrance dia tu, waa, mau masuk sudah pengantin tu, hahaha, lucu o, so, i sit where there an empty space.. bha some more surprise, just in front of me, shes my ex, elsie dragon.. hmm, bad memories, lol, i don't hate her, just feeling uncomfortable at the moment... bha so i called constance la to ask where the heaven is shes sitting, hmm

oh yeah, before that, while i was standing at the entrance, came this text message from reine <3, yeah i save her name that way in my phone, buruk perangai kn, haha.. she text this

'marvn .. ko d bhgian knan ... k .'

but i didn't reply her text, i guess shes offering me to sit with her, but i don't think so, i don't see an empty space there, huu,. so went to linda's place la, hee, there i saw bradley, didi, angel, nita, nonong.. some more other friends, lupa sudah rupanya, hahaha! okay then i sit and eat happily la this, i feel like wanna dance sja, but not the right time, hee, i only can see the bride  &  the groom dance to slow dance, aww so sweet. so romantik, hee.. then its time for games, lol, so cool kn, in a wedding theres a fun games and all sorts of things, hee, its the bouqea (don't know how to spell a bunch of flower) hahaha, for man and women, hee, (only the single one) so i join but unfortunately, didn't get to catch any :c so sad, hahaha

bha then is it dancing time? hee, so siok kami menari sumazau ramai ramai, bha, bawa bradley lagi, hee.. but daddy call me to go home already, its time for daddy to send me to work.. then i requested to stay for another hour to party.. hee bha buli bha, sya kasih tau bradley juga hantar sya, hee, pnya siok, bha apa lagi, we continued our dance partyy.. we go round and round o, punya siok, hee, i pulled some of them who are sitting not giving anything to the wedding except eating, hhha.. but siok la, then...

i went to their table to shake them (reine amanda, flo, ivy) hee, i pulled reine to dance to jazz or what that aa, hmmm i forgot already, haha.. bha sya balik la p tmpt sya td, sna c linda mau pulang sudah, ala, so we took pictures together to make cyril jealous kunun, haha, just kidding aa cyril, don't get mad.. anyway c linda kn d tmpt c reine sna, so she called me fro afar asking me to got there, bha sya p la ne ingt ada hal penting then last last sya p sna, rupanya tiada apa juga, haha, but anyway thank you a lot ya, that time slow dance song being played, so i was high that time (not that kind of high bha) just excited to partyy... 

as the song flies, i offer my hand to her, cool, she looks scared, yeah i know, but i wanna slow dance with her, i guess we're the secong dancer appear on 'stage'.. then i saw reine's parent dancing too, cool, how cool is that? so awesome is it?? hmm, that time i look at her face, so cool, i get to stare at her lovely face just to make me smile, even if im lil bit mad at her, just because of the 'thing' yeah that thing... then she asked me whats wrong, so i told her that i've saw 'his' facebook profile. she told me that 'hes' going to delete them, but yeah i just go with that..

then yeah im late for work, but its worth my time being with you, you've save the last dance tonight.. thank you for that..

bha tu sja la buat masa skrg, mau p sambung facebook ^^ thank you.

saya jumpa onel

cute kn dia, tngk la mata badan gigi nenen dia tu ^^ hahahaha, td pagi bha sya jumpa dia ne, he said he just came back to tawau yesterday, oh how sweet he said he misses tawau really badly, lol! (kunun la) its been long time since i saw him, lukily i turned back to see him, hahaha. then dari jauh tu he senyum at me, waa, then i said to myself, macam kanal bha ne orang, hahaha. bha then i go and talk to him la, rupanya he's waiting for me for a very long time for me to go to kk. hee, wanna jumpa d 1B la tu kunun, hahaha. sya lama sudah tidak p kk o, rindu sudah tu kk mau jumpa sya tu, sya tau, - -' any way, he looks cool and cute, cuter than me, yerr, jealous sya ne, sikit lagi sya kiss dia tu, kalau tidak habis jealous berabis la c 'ms wenwen' tu HAHAHA bha bha.. thank you.

overnight - -'

finally this is my last overnight shift, but its cool though, i like it more working at night, more relax, got time to sleep.. i start my night shift on tuesday tll saturday night, and ends on sunday in the morning.. bha, after work at 7 am after a huge of rush at the hotel about the water problem - - waa, i've been up and down a few times just to pleased the guest, damn la, but anyway i got RM10 tips early that morning, how cool is that... hahahaha sorry bellman ^^

Monday, November 14, 2011

sunday the 13

the day before sunday i plan on wearing black to church. then when i woke up, i wore the 'blink 182' cool shirt we three of us bought.. so i follow my parents and they drop me off at the church canteen.. i took RM1 bubur for my breakfast... after makan i met cyril, i eat again, haha. okay, so i was waiting for so long, waiting to see her, but, hmm, nothing happened. but it doesn't matter, so i was thinking let me call darrelene, hee my cousin from tamparuli.. naa, so i went inside the church to shake her hand, hee, cool. so we plan to go out and just hang out for a while before i went to work.

then after our lunch with darrelene, edora, and me, we went up to the hotel lobby to take some pictures, hee. so i was really feeling cool.. but at the same time scared. yeah scared of others might say. but what the hell, who care, lol. i love having my cousin by my side. hee, siok la, i bet this year's christmas gonna be the best i ever had.. please? hee, theres a lot of my other cousin i didn't manage to talk to them on the last christmas.. that is elna, darrelene, herlyne taylor, err, their siblings, oh yeah there're some other family on the other side i still don't know, alala.. all thanks to facebook for connecting us all. love you :D OH YEAH!!! i got to took picture with darrelene, well, others wait okay, hee..

then at work, 12pm. i went in and woww, theres still a lot of check-in guest since morning, they've been lining up for hours, cool, some of them got mad for being waiting in a line of a group. Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sabah in fact.. hmm, but never mind, keep smiling, and they'll go away, hahahaha. okay its 12pm and i felt hungry, so very hungry, so i asked wana (operator dept.) to buy me food (nasi goreng pataya) cool but then i only ate a lil by lil. hee so funny, when its 3pm the morning shift went home and the afternoon shift gone missing, woww, i was left alone - - so cruel, yeah cruel. hee , then he came back with  a stim face, well, i get it, he is under a spell of love, hee, pity him, yeah pity..

then after work at 8pm my dad fetch me and went home (end of the story)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

and i was like...

it started when i was at church... i was so happy because i know something would happen tonight... not so sure what it is, but i keep on smiling throughout the night, then its time... the moment i enter the church compound, i saw my very best friend, guess who??? lol, cyril robert la, hee. he looks sick la, so pity of him. take a good rest okay, drink a whole lot of water, keep your body full of liquid. okay, thats the first, then came this girl, constance, shes cyril's crush. cool right? cyril have his own crush..

moving on.. then came amanda and fung fung, i was shocked, then i started to think, mmmmm (maybe reine will be coming tonight) rupanya, shes inside all the time (inside the church praying) hmm, then my leg getting weak, my heart start pumping more blood through my head, waa... plus, cyril told me she cried during the anniversary celebration at cyril's home sweet home... waaa, i suddenly got panic and even more thoughts going on my mind..

(is she okay? is she gonna be fine? what happened? who call her that night?)

that questions keep playing on my head, i was busy thinking of her all the way till the end of the mass.. hmm, then i keep asking myself, do you remember? what do you think of me to you? do you love me? because the other day when i met you guys, just this recently, remember? the food court.. you were telling your friends about other guy, hey, i m right here next to you in fact...

still i m in confusion! you know that i m in love with you right? hmm, never mind, keep on doing what i m doing if thats makes you happy, but just for the record, i m still and always be waiting for you... please pass on the message if you guys my dear bloggers reader read this.. i need her to know. hee thank you.

this is on monday i think

love the film strip

thumbs up for you

shes always on top. yeah you. because every time i saw my wall, you're always there on top of my friend list. on top bha, the first. hmm. when? that question always keep bothering me all the time. hee, anyway, good luck for you. love you :*


hi there, long time no blog right? well here i m to share again, hee. whats up those days before? err, my last update i think on last friday on the 4th.. hee..

so whats going on within this few days?

#1 - nothing

#2 - nothing

#3 - nothing

#4 - yeah, still nothing

#5 - want me to share?

#6 - feel tired to type la

#7 - well okay, you pay me.

#8 - hmm, i noticed i m talking to myself

#9 - better go to the nearest hospital

#10 - wanna join me?

#11 - see, there i go again - -'

by my side by david choi

I'm just listening to the clock go ticking, 
I am waiting as the time goes by.
I think of you with every breath I take, 
I need to feel your heartbeat next to mine.
You're all I see, in everything.

I just wanna hold you, 
I just wanna kiss you, 
I just wanna love you all my life.
I normally wouldn't say this, 
but I just can't contain it.
I want you here forever, 
right here by my side.

All the fears you feel inside, 
and all the tears you cry, 
they're ending right here.
I'll heal your heart and soul; 
I'll keep you oh so close.
Don't worry; I'll never let you go.
You're all I need, you're everything.

I just wanna hold you, 
I just wanna kiss you, 
I just wanna love you all my life.
I normally wouldn't say this, 
but I just can't contain it.
I want you here forever, 
right here by my side.

No one else will ever do.
I got a stubborn heart for you.
Call me crazy, but its true; I love you.
I didn't think that it would be, 
you have made it clear to me.
You're all I need.

I just wanna hold you, 
I just wanna kiss you, 
I just wanna love you all my life.
I normally wouldn't say this, 
but I just can't contain it.
I want you here forever, 
right here by my side.

Friday, November 4, 2011


okay, its a good mood to update, for now. err, this morning i woke up as usual, got ready for work..took my bath and wore this fav grey coloured shirt of mine. then wore this blue sneekers of mine, grey long pants of mine, hee. im done!! every morning, we got this short morning prayer that my dad or my mom lead sometimes.. i guess my turn haven't come yet - - hahaha, actually, i still feel sleepy bha thats why don't do the prayer, but if i got enough rest, i'll do it..

then on my way to work, my dad sent me. i play this cd in the car, hee. so fun la listening to my music every morning, especially if we could happen by aj rafael been played. as i reach hotel, i saw putih in her uniform, hee, happy to see her instead of her MC again, haha. yesterday did happened really... its better two then being alone.. 

then i wore my uniform and went down to the back office to fix my hair, so today i planned not to open the cashier because i've been opening them all morning, so now im giving chances to putih, hee, i only open receipt and the credit card.. hmm, looks like busy today but noooooooooooooo, only 9 arivals for today.. some of my friends only work for half day, waa so lucky of them, including my boss.. big boss... hmmm. 

and so i was like, so cool being in the same shift with put put... she talks a lot - - lol, after work we plan to go to eastern and look for eye lashes, hee, me on the other side wanna pierce my other ear, that makes both of my ears got pierced, AWESOME.. hope that it would heal as soon as possible... hee...

at around 1.20 something, i check my phone for text. so shock to see cyril's text that came at 12.27 pm earlier before, alala, but sorry, i just check it out, so sorry didn't inform them earlier, but instead you inform me. (what a dissapointment) 

then after work at 3.30pm, put put and i went to onebuck to have our drink before piercing begin, hee, she took vannila blue and i have chocolate-strawberry.. so this time my treat, hee. but in my mind, you'll be paying for the piercing, ahhahaha, (evil laugh) kiddin' la... then shes scared actually about this piercing, not her first time, but she told me that it hurts when you sleep at night, but i calm her down by asking her to move a lot, like dancing, lol. buruk kn, hahaha.. naa, ne la ne, the time has come, actually i ws going to go first, but i took long time to get ready, lol - - then i put a mark on her ear, marking the spot for her pierce, okay, top of her ear! (gun shot, hee) (holding her hand) waa, cool, no feel bha kn, hee, then its my turn, she do the same to me, mark the spot, hee, finally, i got both ears pierced!!! awesome...

then i went home take my dinner, bath and online, hee, then ada ne grace adah, my ex, chat with me, hee, honestly, i miss her la, hee, okay la bha tu kn missing each other, err, frankly, i treated her like a stupid person o, buruk kn, ee. but noew, im trying to be a braver and stronger bf anyone has ever had. so, reine, are you up for the challenge?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

its been a while since

hi, its been quite long time not blogging right? feels like updating, but not much i think, just few of whats been happening this days. lastly, lol! first, the last two days is an obligation night for me to go to church, thats whay i can't online at night, on monday is the all saints day, and the next day that is tuesday was all souls day. hmm, what else aa, on monday i did manage to meet reine, we hang out a while, hee. happy, and got our own secret recipe! haha. eh, while im writing this blog kn, i keep on viewing back my facebook profile, then all of the sudden i was this regina angel emol's facebook right on the top of my friends list on my wall. hee, i smile...

next, about my facebook account. once i went online, i check my wall, then i check my home, and last i went to cityville to collect taxes and vegs (vegetables) haha... okay thats it, now its getting boring, so went stalking to some of my crushes wall, read whats need to be read. what a naughty thing to do, but let make it our own secret eh?

crushes.. crushes... crushes... lot of things in my mind about it... i wanna share but only with the one who ask. hee

ui ui, i rad this sheyra's post on oyen punya wall. (ngam ka eja sheyra?) doesn't matter but, woww, cool, i guess im in their conversation. im so excited, hee. that is why i keep on sneezing right at that time. haha, sembarangan!!

next, that monday rock my heart of my body! really shock, still in shock actually if i come to recall them back, hmm.... hee, i smile all the day on tuesday, haha, been really nice to the guest, i even help them, hee... don't want it ending...

that it la, no more. hmm, no mood, haha thank you