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i'll hold the door please come in and just sit here for a while this is my way of telling you i need you in my life its so cold without your touch i've been dreaming way too much can we just turn this into reality cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you storms try will come but i know that the sun will come again he's my friend and he says that we belong together and i'll sing a song to break the ice just a smile from you would suffice its not me being nice but this is real tonight cause i been thinking 'bout you lately maybe you can save me from this crazy world we live in i know we could happen cause you know that i've been feeling you

Thursday, June 30, 2011

text ,

tati sms sya :3

i wish that my girlfriend would look like this ,

my characteristic of my fav girlfriend,

short but not too short, cute, fair, sexy lips, cute talk, straight hair not keriting (but if curl okay !), flat face, good kisser but not greater than i am HAHAHA, lol, act tough, love me, pink cheek, hugable, dimples, take me as i am, christian, don't always follow the ''rules'', cute espesially cute, eeeeeee :3 cute i like, huhh

but ...


huu ...

webcam again :D

kelmarin , lol . 

paling comel sya :3

paling cute cyril :D

my phone ring ,

on the 28June2011 im surprise when a call from chok Jen Lyn ! suddenly ne, sya pn hairan, ee, i like it everytime a girl call me when the time i am bored ! aww, this i consider sweet :3

sorry i should have posted this on that day, but blog got prob :D

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

someone ask me ,

just now Adrilyn Jethro asked me if im british - - lol and cool bha the question, hee . 

btw, lots of my other friends asked me if im an arabian fellow . LOL right ?

plus, err someone called me phillipians, yeah thats right ! i am,

mix kadazan even :DD

happy to hear

that guys


oh ,

today baru sya perasan sya kena unfriend in facebook by two person . names are confidential . i'm not sad or mad, but i just don't get it, why ? am i that bad ?

Monday, June 27, 2011

i'm sensitive .

em, i've been sensitive lately, i'm so dissapointed with myself, damn what happened to me . God i pray please guide me, help me not to be so sensitive . teach me to be like you, send your angel guardian to protect me and others . even with my friends, i've been a jerk, a bad one, huu . i really miss the old me of being friendly and open, but now, too much work that burdens me, and my work has making me hard to concentrate because this is involving my negligence, plus my relationship was just recently been screw ! thus i feel like a toy, like nobody wants me anymore, what ever comes, i can't accept it freely . sorryy to all my dear friends, i'm in such a mess lately . i apologize for this, anything just tell me directly okay ?

since you been busy, i got no one else to talk to, my phone suddenly got silent . so i just pretend that you're avoiding me, reading your previous status makes me even sensitivier (is that even a word) lebih sensitive la kunun, sorry  okay ? i'm sorry too, to my pal cyril robert, he cares for me, i know, but i've been such a bad friends to him, i should give him my attention, sorry, okay ? 

your hero

i wanna be your superman !

Sunday, June 26, 2011

dear cyril ,

i miss you cyril robert :D


trust me ,

err, no one can believe me when i said im single right ?

well trust me when i said this "astaga, betul bha"

because trust me im telling the truth

i need ..

ee, cute :D anyway,

err, yerr i feel very boring bha at home when i got nobody to talk to, actually i need someone, i mean someone who are open and can accept my feelings im about to share, huu, really need someone to share with . haha, maybe you would think that i look like a girl complaining too much, but this is me .. lol .. buruknya perangai kn .. my number you ask ?

lol, its 014 digi user lol

pm me at facebook to get it, know me very well to earn them !

me :D

ne aa saya :D

oh me myself

Saturday, June 25, 2011

err ,

lol, i like this :D

and this hee


i cried a lil bit just now when i saw you in the wedding ceremony :'c

i keep on blinking my eyes to make it look not obvious - -

Friday, June 24, 2011

empty ,

err, as you see this post is kinda black, that is because i just heard a very hurtful words came from a ex friend of mine . i was hurt to hear that she said she did plan on breaking us up, so i straight away tell her that i felt regret on being friends with them . oh, what a bloom day to me, a cloud just above my head pouring out the tears of whats on my mind, damn . you are suppose to support me . i know that shes your friend and you relative, but think ! whats best for you and i . i don't want to argue about me letting her go, but what i just don't understand is .. you did tried to broke she and i ??! at least tell me the truth please, when it comes to honest situation, i am a really deep sensitive person . grow up please, not only you who needs the attention, sorry to post it in here, i don't want it to go on public . just me lil advice to you and all . honest . ty .


Debby Ryan

waa, i like this celeb. i love to look at her lips, especially her lips okay, can i be your biggest fan Debby Ryan ? huu, what if we were meant to be together ? lol, that would be awesome ! at least the same face as you are, woo, thats great :D err, there another one character in big time rush that i admire, LOL girl ofcose - -

Ciara Bravo

read with you eyes close

today 24th June 2011 i have walk nearly 6km back home from my work place . damn tired - - after got home i straight away go to my computer and online, lol . got no tired o kn, hahaha . but nevermind because tomorrow i cuti bha, yeyy ! err, after online facebook i go and take my bath, oh what a relief :D okay then i took my dinner with my family at home . next i went online again, hoho, like now .. haha . and now i got mood to post because i got something to say .. huu . so sad bha just no i accidentally view a picture you you both looking so sweet .. so my face from happy suddenly goes to sad ne . punya buruk kn . i miss the old days with you even when you think of it as your playing time . but with you i feel happy, really happy . thank you for making me happy even sometimes you ignore me, yeah i get it, you just avoiding me, huu :c what ever that i think maybe wrong but, i just can't help myself . im still hurt . im trying each day to learn to forgive you but i couldn't . im sorry, (tears tears tears) em, everyday i keep on listening to Who Is by Bruno Mars just to get more emo, haha . lol buruk kn perangai, gne la ne kalau sudah sot sot sendiri, (currently sucking on an ice cream stick) the picture above shown that im playing Lucky by Jason Mraz & Clobie Caillat hoho, kiddin'  bha . thats just me "pretending" to sing Lucky's :D bye, for now .

Thursday, June 23, 2011

i'm awesome

hey, did you watch how i met your mother on fox channel ? this is awesome ! guys, its worth to laugh your s to this show :DD espeacially barney in his character which is always awesome, even when taking photos, lol . he never took a bad picture, for example 



p i a n o

oh how i wish to have the ability to play piano, haha . then i can be SUPERPIANO :DD funny la this moment,  yerr, namau la share, open plak d cne, maluu, hahahahha

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

with you ,

a taste of wine
a heart to the mine
seriously when is the time
what if  you're not mine

need this kiss
need it now
blow me a kiss
and i'll save it

i wanna i wanna
touch you
you wanna you wanna
touch me too

i truly am
i frankly am

free hug doesn't mean
im free
free kisses doesn't mean
im single

kisses ,

with no clouds up in the sky
high above the sky looks blue
your promises you made with i
what i want is you to be true

a kiss on the cheek
a sign of love
a blow on you mind
a sign of hope

what am i to you before
am i a fool or a joker
kiss me darling
i've been waiting for you

lonely ,

evryday i feel like shit, yeah , damn it :c
but i can just hide it by making jokes
but not just any jokes
stupid joke indeed

am i a joke for you ?
oh, don't even answer it
you'll make a fool out of it
for i have hate you for playing

few months means a lot for me
a day with you means a world wide
at least a second counts
for i love you 

cute :3

im willing to do
anything for you,
but for who ?
who am i talking about ? 

domo ,

█▼▼▼▼▼█            mj
█ ________ █
█████████     domo domo

bow tie rocks !

bow tie :DD

Sunday, June 19, 2011

my buddy ,

cute kn , haha

parish dayy ,

BIG HI ! hey thank you guys for stopping by, don't forget to follow sya aa :D err, today i had a lot of fun with my best friend CRIL ROBERT . and others of course c: special thanks to fay for taking our pictures, btw niel phone lol . okay story time, as i reach church just now, i straight away look at cyril's angry face. you know why ??? because that night we promise want to wear short pants together bha that . but i wear long pants XDD

then i ask him to accompany me to change my pants, lol, we took the bus then to town then to my house . time dalam bas ada satu perempuan ne, dia cute, jadi sya balik2 tngk dia la. haha . hey! im single okay so I CAN DO ANTHING :P hee anyway, kami turun d taman ria, eh tkejut sya dia pn turun . ai ??? haha then tiba2 ne dia tnya sya tinggal mana, huu maluu c: 

next , after we reach at church AGAIN - -' we plan to have our breakfast . but then a lot of PROMOTERS ne datang paksa kami beli, hee . ada kopun tp lapar bha, kesian plak tidak beli, the only thing is we can give is taking pictures with them, err, please view the following pictures to see :DD em, kami cari burger tp habis, hoho, makan chicken wings sja la, hahahaha . but no taste ne Yukkkkssss :c its okay, em , other than that kami jumpa JJ, Jascinta :D take some shots and then bye, then jumpa lagi, ahahahah . banyak la orang kami jumpa time tu . its sooooooooooooooooo fun guys :DD


eeeeee, ada bha time kami boring kami p eastern plaza la, then cyril belanja minum strawbery  :D ty cyril :DD then i ran into adzuan and erwan and asyraf and syawal ^^ my old classmate . well, still the same borrooo, hee :DD err, after that i saw my long last first love , oh JOANNE ALLEN ROXAS ^^ and also my latest ex gf LOL :DD LUCYLE CECIL ARAT  i hate that i love her soooo much , huu, sanggup ne sya buat apa sja untuk dia, huu, bha sudah la namau cerita pasal siapa2 ne, nanti kena bilang sya cakap belakang plak kn, hee heee, its okay :P no story about her :P :P :P

errr, what else a, bha okay la, heres some picture for furter info . tc .

this is the time when i met flavian, then maluu ne mau pinjam camera, hee . but its okay for artist bha kn ? hahahaha, lol . my only comment for you , fay kecil :DDD

sumandak :D

naa, then terjumpa c jascinta plak, hoho . eh, sma c jj juga . but the funny thing is when we want to make a surprise for jj, hahahahaaha , first me close his eyes from the back, then cyril do the same, the above picture shows how dumb we look, lol . oh yeah, JJ can only guess who am i, but cyril susah sikit, hahahaha

                           hoho, kau call siapa tu ?????       hee, buruk muka sya :c

up : time cyril calling with siapa tu aa ? not sure plak, ahahahaha, sempat plak face pose kn ! the second picture says that we're both cool guys, with balloon of course . hahahaha . with balloon ? what the *******

                               cyril tidak nampak, huu                    family :p

waa, cantik oh kn picture ne sya suka bha . macam dri FUNFAIR ne . with those balloon, oh yeah, RM2 each !!! we do it for charity@donation :DD from the first row is couple as you know right ??? second row followed by me, jennifer, elsie ! and the third row adelson and wai sung . wooooooooo . i can memorize names :DD

i love this one, we look coooool and awesome bha . hee, siok bha kmi ne :DD okay lets see, bow tie, fedora, suspender, spec, nerd spec (ALL CHECKED) LOL

hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho c:

naa, promoters, habis la, ahahahahha . penat kami berlari dri dorang, tp tetap dorang tarik kmai dengan lagu lagu siok ne, heeeee oh ya, special thank la ya for uncle steven for the free song, TANAK KAMPUNG bha ne hahahaha . one song would be 5ringgit btw

cyril                                 JJ                            Marvyn

kena paksa beli baju, hahahahahaha !

eh, apa yang kau makan tu ? lupa sudah la, hee

aaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!

naa, couple XD